December 31st, 2012

And the MVP goes to........

There is much speculation about who is going to be crowned Most Valuable Player. Here is my preview for the major awards in the NFL, and I will name the top ten players of the 2012- 2013 season. Here we go!

Coach of the Year: Bruce Arians/Chuck Pagano - These two have inspired and led the Colts to a very successful year. These two will be great for years to come and have done a great job taking a not very good team on paper and turning it into a dangerous ball club coming into the playoffs.

Offensive ROY: Russel Wilson - I am sorry for disappointing all you Andrew Luck and RGIII fans, which I like both of the myself, but Russel Wilson has been amazing. He has taken this Seahawks team and turned them from pretenders to contenders. His stat sheet isn't huge, but it doesn't take long to see that he is a great QB who leads his team. However, I don't think this pick will hold, and I think RGIII or Andrew Luck will win, but my pick would be Russel Wilson.

Defensive ROY: Luke Kuechly - He has been great, and the only defensive rookie that has made me say wow, this kid is good this year. We have seen some great defense and Kuechly anchors a defense that has potential to be great.

Comeback Player of the Year: AP - Adrian Peterson has been amazing, and coming back just to play in 2012 was amazing, but running for 2000+ yards, he is incredible. I know Manning has had all these neck surgeries, but Adrian Peterson is in a league of his own.

Offensive POY: Peyton Manning - Peyton Manning has continued to lead his team to victory and had a phenomenal season so far. He leads the league in QB rating, and TD passes, but many interceptions. He has had an amazing season that has exceeded expectations, and has been awesome.

Defensive POY: J.J. Watt - He has done it all this year. He has swatted passes, gotten sacks, forced fumbles, and had countless disruptions of the other team. He has been amazing on and off the field. The only thing J.J. hasn't done is run for president this year. J.J. is my pick for defensive POY.

And the MVP is...

Adrian Peterson!!!! Claps. Cheers. Applause.
Adrian Peterson has been amazing, and like I said in the Comeback Player, he has exceeded expectations. What makes him so valuable is the fact that he has carried the Vikings week after week and almost led the Vikes to the playoffs. If AP leads his team to victory, he is a shoo in for MVP.

What are your picks for awards this year?

Who gets your vote for Offensive ROY this year?

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