The 2000 yard season. NFL single-game rushing record. Pro Bowl MVP. Take a look future Hall of Famer Adrian Peterson's illustrious career with the Minnesota Vikings.

Is AP the greatest running back of all-time? If not, who is?

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  • Minnesota Vikings

    April 24

    mikzimmer · rookie

    He might have been the best, but he is definetly not right now

  • Minnesota Vikings

    April 21

    softballqueen23 · 2nd string


  • Minnesota Vikings

    April 15

    mikzimmer · rookie

    Depends on what the future holds

  • Minnesota Vikings

    April 8

    maxwell6 · practice squad

    AP is

  • Detroit Lions

    March 16

    indiana3040 · starter

    AP is not best all time, but he is pretty good. Barry Sanders is best RB of all-time.