February 1st, 2013

A Super Bowl for the Ages

This is going to be a great Super Bowl with the Harbaugh brothers playing each other. I think the Ravens are considered the underdogs because of their 10-6 regular season record. Don't let this fool you. We've seen in the last few years that the regular season record doesn't mean a whole lot. I think that Ray Rice will be a significant factor in this game because he can get it done by running and he's involved in the passing game. Torrey Smith is another important player for the Ravens. He's one of Joe Flacco's favorite receivers and is known for his big plays.

In order for the 49ers to win, Collin Kaepernick will need to run like he did against the Packers. He had 181 yards and two touchdowns in just 16 attempts. So my prediction for this game is the Ravens will win 34-27.

I can't wait! I love the Super Bowl and everything that goes along with it: hype, food, commercials, cheering. A tradition that my family does every year, is that we get together with the families of some of my dad's old high school friends.

Have fun cheering for your favorite Super Bowl team and don't forget to Back-the-Pack next year!



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Who do you think will be the Super Bowl MVP?

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