September 8th, 2011

Full Aeneas Williams Chat Transcript

Torgogog: Hey Guys, Aeneas will be here at 8:00 PM ET! For now, go ahead and start putting in your questions for him!

Torgogog: Welcome to the chat guys! Today we have a fantastic guest. He's a former DB for the Saint Louis Rams. He also went to Super Bowl XXXVI, and he went to the Pro Bowl eight times! Please give a huge NFLRush Zone welcome to Aeneas Williams!

Torgogog: Welcome to the NFLRush Zone. We like to start every chat with the Rush 5. They are the 5 most popular questions submitted by NFLRush and NFLRZ fans.

Torgogog: What is your favorite meal?

Aeneas Williams: My favorite meal is meatballs and spaghetti.

Torgogog: Who was your football hero growing up?

Aeneas Williams: My football hero is Larry Czonka

Torgogog: What is your favorite pizza topping?

Aeneas Williams: Pepperoni!

Torgogog: Which stadium has the loudest fans?

Aeneas Williams: New Orleans Saints have the loudest fans

Torgogog: What is your greatest NFL moment?

Aeneas Williams: Beating the Dallas Cowboys in the playoffs!

cclark: what made u interested in football

Aeneas Williams: I got to hit people. Growing up I loved to play rough. I could hit people and not get in trouble :)

freebird5: who is your hardest person to cover?

Aeneas Williams: Michael Irvin was the toughest

badleroybrowns: Who do you think will win the Kickoff game tomorrow?

Aeneas Williams: I'm from New Orleans, so I'm going for the Saints. I used to sell concessions for the Saints when I lived in New Orleans.

badleroybrowns: What players should we look out for this season?

Aeneas Williams: Look out for Mark Ingram, the rookie RB with the Saints.

mcallisterfan: hey mister, what is it like to be in a pro bowl multiple times?

Aeneas Williams: It was a lot of fun. Anytime you get to take your whole family to Hawaii is great. It gets more serious in the 4th quarter of the game, because the winning team gets more money. I won 4 times and lost 4 times.

smellfeet: how hard is it to become a great football player

Aeneas Williams: Being a football player is difficult. When I wanted to become very good at it, I turned to better players. I saved my money to go see them and ask their advice.

Aeneas Williams: So the main thing was to find out how the great players became great.

tonywildxc: whos your favorite qb

Aeneas Williams: My favorite current QB is Tom Brady.

Aeneas Williams: My favorite of all time is Dan Marino.

Aeneas Williams: Marino's quick release was great. He played the game at a high level.

Aeneas Williams: Brady is always focused on becoming better and better. He has a great ability to execute when the game is on the line.

smellfeet: did u play football in high school or middle school

Aeneas Williams: I started playing when I was 4 years old.

Aeneas Williams: I joined a league when I was 7

foyter: do you have any tips for playing cornerback

Aeneas Williams: Run track! Being a CB is a lot easier when you know how to run.

fanderson45: Do you think you could cover good WR'S today in the nfl? such as, Calvin Johnson a.k.a megatron, Andre Johnson, Wes Welker, Desean Jackson, and Roddy White?

Aeneas Williams: Absolutely! I still train, I'm still in great shape. I could cover them. Smaller guys like Welker might be tougher. Bigger guys like Calvin Johnson were easier.

33roland: Who do u predict who's gonna win da SuperBowl?

Aeneas Williams: I think the Packers have a good chance. They're solid on defense, offense, and special teams. Their backup players are skilled too.

panthers271: Do you watch the football games?

Aeneas Williams: Because I still have a show that I do once a week, I view the Rams games weekly. I usually watch the Monday night games too.

thebird405: Who is your favorite current DB in the NFL?

Aeneas Williams: I really enjoy Darrelle Revis. He's very good at intercepting the ball.

leftcoast101: What is the best advice a coach ever gave you?

Aeneas Williams: If you're going to play CB, you have to develop amnesia about bad plays. Just forget bad plays when they happen

Aeneas Williams: You also need to have accountability when no one is watching. That's a pretty good life skill. Not just for football.

panthersstar: Why the number 35?

Aeneas Williams: I didn't choose it. It was given to me as a rookie by the Cardinals. If I could have chosen, I would have asked for the number 13. It was my number in college.

Aeneas Williams: But I'm so glad I got 35. I made a name for myself with it

rodgerboy12: How did you react when you were in position to have a interception and the ball was coming your way

Aeneas Williams: I'd just think of myself as a wide receiver when the ball was in the air.

jordo77: did you ever want to be in a different position

Aeneas Williams: My coach once made me a wide receiver. I liked it, but I don't like getting hit too much. It's my least favorite part of offense.

zafa3457: whats your favorite video game

Aeneas Williams: I don't play many video games. If I was, I would play Madden. My son plays that.

hikerbiker: whos your favorite team today

Aeneas Williams: My favorite team today... well, I usually root for the Cardinals and the Saints. But I really like the way the Patriots play too.

gbbeastyboy: what is your favorite hobby

Aeneas Williams: I like to be near the water. I also like hanging out with my family

Aeneas Williams: You are all very unique in how valuable you are. There are 6 million people on Earth, but there is no one like you. When you work on perfecting who you are, you'll go far.

Torgogog: That's all the time we have for the chat! Thanks so much for coming to speak to us, Aeneas. Also, thanks to all you NFLRZers for your great questions. Right after this, Aeneas will be hanging out in Rams Land. So come see him! For now, take this code: AeneasRocks

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