February 1st, 2011

Super Kid Ava Arrives in North Texas!
Check back all week to read more about what Ava is up to at
Super Bowl XLV!
Remember to continue to PLAY 60 everyday. You could be the next NFL PLAY 60 Super Kid!

NFL PLAY 60 Super Kid, Ava, has arrived in North Texas. Before leaving home in Chicago, Ava let us know how she was feeling about coming to Super Bowl XLV and what it's been like to be the NFL PLAY 60 Super Kid!



I had no idea that Robbie Gould was coming to my school to surpise me. I was in total shock! When he first came in, he gave me HIS jersey to wear (he wanted me to bring him good luck for the playoffs), and then he talked about how I had won the contest to my classmates and to work hard and follow your dreams.

Robbie was really cool and nice! He took us down to the gym and coached me on how to kick a field goal and let all of the kids in my grade kick, too! It was Awesome!!!!!

I felt really bad for Robbie and the Bears when the Packers beat them to go to the Super Bowl, but still thought they did great.I'm really getting excited about the Super Bowl and all the pregame activities.

I'm looking forward to representing PLAY 60 and encouraging kids to be active.

P.S my basketball team is still undefeated!!!!!!! GO HOT TAMALES


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