February 18th, 2014

5 Crazy Numbers from the 2013 NFL Season

 – Seattle Seahawks RB Marshawn Lynch led the league with 366 rushing attempts, up a little from his 355 in 2012.  That's 100 attempts more than any other year in career.  Beast Mode is working HARD!   


5 - Five teams converted every 2-point conversion they attempted.  Atlanta Falcons, Buffalo Bills, New York Giants, Houston Texans and the Baltimore Ravens.  This marked the fifth consecutive year that the Ravens had a 100% conversion rate.  Think they should try more often?


12.4 - The Denver Broncos had the highest average scoring margin, beating teams by an average of 12.4 points.  The 12.4-point margin is exactly the same as the 2012 leader the New England Patriots.  Neither won the Super Bowl.  Coincidence?  Should they try to win by fewer points???


42.6 – The Cleveland Browns led the league with 42.6 passing attempt per game.  This marked the fourth year in a row, and first four times in NFL history, that the leader in this category had 42 or more attempts.  Maybe they need to pick up a good free agent RB!  [link]


3.1 - The Tampa Bay Buccaneers averaged just 3.1 points in the fourth quarter, the lowest number in the league.  On the flip side the New England Patriots averaged a whopping 11.4 points.  What did we learn? Tom Brady = 4th quarter magic. And 4th quarter magic = wins.

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