October 19th, 2012

4th and Goal With...Rich Eisen

Hi NFLRUSHers! I'm here with the second episode of "4th and Goal With..." and this week I interviewed Rich Eisen of NFL Network.


1. How big do you think the loss of Santonio Holmes will be to the Jets?

I think the loss of Holmes is already showing its effects. No defenses are afraid of any other wide receivers' play-making ability. And it's become even more difficult for the Jets to run the ball as a result. The Jets are hoping to get Dustin Keller back from a hamstring injury this week and hope that getting Mark Sanchez's historically favorite receiver back will help. I don't think getting T.O. or Ochocinco is a help at all. If Plaxico Burress didn't adversely affect the locker room last year, I'd say the Jets should go and get him. He's at least a threat that must be accounted for when inside the red zone.


2. Are the Vikings a legitimate contender?
Bill Parcells said it best: "In the NFL, you are what you are," and what the Vikings are is a 4-and-1 team with a beast of a recovering running back and a dynamic all-purpose player in Percy Harvin. And, with all due respect to Cam Newton, Andy Dalton, Jake Locker and Blaine Gabbert, Christian Ponder is the most effective and vastly improving 2nd year quarterback in the league. He is smart, efficient and not turnover-prone. I think the Vikings are absolutely a contender and the surprise team of 2012.


3. Will the Cardinals or the 49ers win the NFC West?
I still think the 49ers will win the NFC West and I'm not just saying that because the Cardinals looked so horrible in St. Louis last week. Arizona's offensive line isn't very good and the running attack is ravaged by injury. Plus, the 49ers are the most complete team in the NFL. They just became the first team in NFL history to have 300 yards rushing and 300 yards passing in the very same game. If they can stay healthy, they can go all the way.


4. As you travel the league, what is your favorite stadium and why?

I love Lambeau Field and I love M&T Bank Stadium in Baltimore because the fan bases are so rabid and the atmospheres so very intense. Of course 30 other facilities have their own reasons for being great places to visit, but so far this year on Thursday Night Football, those have been the best two.


Thanks for reading, and keep your eyes out for my next interview with Blair Walsh, rookie kicker for the Vikings!



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