October 20th, 2015

Fourth and Goal with... Dan Patrick
Kid Reporter Jake talks with Dan Patrick to discuss the NFL and his career...

You handed out the Super Bowl trophy again this past season. Where does this rank in the highlights of your career and what are some other highlights?

I think the Super Bowl trophy the first time I handed it out. It was that was great finish between Arizona and Pittsburgh and it was a game going back-and-forth. You had Santonio Holmes the game-winner. John Madden's final broadcast, it was just an emotional moment. I'm watching the game on the sideline with Steve Young. He's sort of doing the color commentating for me as we watch Roethlisberger with this two minute drive down the field. You put that into the equation, it was just a memorable night. I didn't tell anybody in my family I was handing out the trophy because I wanted them to see me do it while I was on the air in real-time and the reaction was great. I came from a small town and to be able to get to hand out the Super Bowl trophy is certainly up there. I think hosting the Olympics the first time in London, that was something was on my bucket list that's another highlight. Being the first cable TV broadcaster sports broadcaster to win a sports Emmy was great. It signified the breakthrough of cable TV broadcasting as opposed to network broadcasting it meant that we were being recognized with the big boys there and then realizing that cable was just as big.

With all the big free agent signings this off-season, which player do you think fits their team best and will have the biggest impact?

Sam Bradford could have the biggest impact because he's going to Philadelphia and there's a whole at stake there for Chip Kelly. You could look at it LeSean McCoy and Demarco Murray, they better have a big impacts, but Sam Bradford could be the sneaky one there that if he does play well in that system it could be a playoff team so that could be a really really big impact.

-Kid Reporter Jake

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