November 8th, 2012

2011 Super Bowl Contest Winner: Charlie

Congratulations to the 2011 NFL PLAY 60 Super Bowl Contest winner for the Pittsburgh Steelers -- Charlie!


Charlie is 13 years old, and is from Hampton, Pennsylvania. As part of his prize, Charlie is going to a Steelers home game this season. We interviewed Charlie to get some tips on what it's like to be a Super Kid!


1. How did it feel to find out you won our 2011 NFL PLAY 60 Super Bowl Contest?

Well, when I realized that I had won the 2011 NFL PLAY 60 Super Bowl Contest, I felt like the happiest kid alive! It feels like the best thing in the world when you realize that I, out of thousands of kids, was chosen to go to a Steelers game! It's just a great feeling to win something so big, and had to do so little. And all I can say is, beware of the STEELER NATION!


2. What do you do to get 60 minutes of activity a day?

For my 60 minutes of daily activity, I usually play football with my friends and brothers. When my friends aren't around I usually run, ride my bike or skateboard. In the spring, I play on a lacrosse team and at home I usually play basketball and street hockey. I also run cross sountry for my school, which is really good exercise.


3. What is your favorite healthy breakfast?

My favorite healthy breakfast is probably cereal, a banana, orange juice and toast.


Go to for your chance to be a 2012 Super Bowl Contest winner. You could win tickets to a game for your home team, or the GRAND PRIZE -- running the ball onto the field to kick off Super Bowl XLVII in New Orleans!