August 15th, 2011

2011 NFC Division Predictions

Hey Rushers! I am going to tell you who I think is going to be at the top of their divisions this season.


NFC East: 1. Philladelphia Eagles. As much as I hate it I can't deny Michael Vick's talent, plus they have Desean Jackson and a strong Defense. I think they will come out on top.

2. Dallas Cowboys.

3. New York Giants.

4. Washington Redskins.


NFC West: 1. St. Louis Rams. With a strong QB in Sam Bradford coming up and some improvement on both sides of the ball during the offseason I think they can edge out the Seahawks and take first.

2. Seattle Seahawks

3. Arizona Cardinals

4. San Fransisco 49ers


NFC North: 1. Green Bay Packers. They just won the Super Bowl and didn't lose any key players, so I think that they will have another great season.

2. Minnesota Vikings

3. Chicago Bears

4. Detroit Lions


NFC South: 1. Atlanta Falcons. I don't see any other teams in this conference who can beat the Falcons except for New Orleans and I don't think they have enough to beat the Falcons.

2. New Orleans Saints

3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

4. Carolina Panthers.


NFC Conference winner: Atlanta Falcons


Thanks for reading and make sure to comment and tell me who you think will win in each division. Go Cowboys!!!!!!!!!

Who do you think will win the NFC East this season?

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