15-count Block - A.J. Hawk

Props: None
Number of players: 2-8
Time Required: 15-20 Minutes

Decide on two captains, then divide up into two groups. The teams line up in two lines, the team who is “offense” first puts the ball behind them about 15 steps back. The captain on the “offense” team yells “hike” and they count to 15 and try to block the “defense” team from getting to the ball. After the 15-count if no one from the “defense” team gets the ball, the “offense” team gets a point. If “defense” gets the ball, then they get a point. After each round, the sides switch being offense and defense. Each team gets 3 tries, whoever gets to the ball the most wins!

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  • Carolina Panthers

    December 9, 2011

    BWEbears · draftee

    its cool