Kid Reporter Justin: If I Was a Coach in the NFL!

If I became a coach for the NFL, this is what I would do...

Offense-Ground and Pound
Unless you're Tom Brady, you need a running back who can run the ball effectively. Why were the Cowboys so dominant with DeMarco Murray? They fed him more touches than any other running back that year. They ended up making it to the second round in the playoffs that year and if it weren't for that they might not have even made the playoffs. The one time the Saints won the Super Bowl they had the fourth most in rushing yards. Running the football tires the defense out and eventually the defense will fold. If you have a running back averaging four to five yards per carry. You mathematically will get the first down if you just stick to it. Statistics show that the more you run it, the better you will do. The Falcons mostly win when they feed Devonta Freeman and Tevin Coleman the ball a lot and when ever they don't, they mostly lose.

Defense-Man Coverage/Blitz
If you are playing zone it leaves someone with at least a little bit of space. Someone will be open. Unless the QB makes a silly decision and it is a pick, it doesn't work too well. If there is a run and you play zone, the running back will have a successful run. There is too much space open to be able to stop their offense. You have to cover them man to man. If it looks like it is a pass I would use man coverage and if looks like a run I would do man blitz. I would tend to use man coverage on plays where there are six or more yards to go to get a first down and for plays where there are less than six yards to go I would do man blitz for the most part. Man blitz can be risky if you misuse it. So I would mainly use man coverage.

Let me know if you agree below!

-Kid Reporter Justin

Kid Reporter Justin's Tournament of Teams Finale!

In this article I am going to change my predictions for the divisions based on how the season has been going on since I made my predictions. I am then going to predict my Super Bowl champion!

AFC Seeds
1. Patriots
2. Raiders
3. Steelers
4. Texans
5. Chiefs
6. Broncos

NFC Seeds
2. Seahawks
3. Vikings
4. Falcons
5. Giants
6. Redskins 

Wildcard Round

#3 Steelers vs. #6 Broncos
Steelers 17-Broncos 13 

#4 Texans vs  #5 Chiefs
Chiefs 27-Texans 13

# 3 Vikings vs #6 Redskins
Redskins 24-Vikings 10 

#4 Falcons vs #5 Giants
Giants 21-Falcons 10

Divisional Round


#2 Raiders vs #3 Steelers
Raiders 20-Steelers 14 

#1 Patriots vs #5 Chiefs
Patriots 28-Chiefs 24


#1 Cowboys vs #5 Giants
Cowboys 24-Giants 20 

#2 Seahawks vs #3 Vikings
Seahawks 13-Vikings 10 

Conference Championships


#1 Patriots vs #2 Raiders
Raiders 31-Patriots 20

#2 Seahawks vs #1 Cowboys
Seahawks 24-Cowboys 16

Super Bowl
#2 Seahawks vs #2 Raiders
Seahawks 24-Raiders 14.

There you have it! I think the Seahawks will win the Super Bowl! Do you agree or disagree? Let me know by commenting down below.

-Kid Reporter Justin

Kid Reporter Jake Chats With Alec Ogletree!

As I pulled up to the Rams practice facility in Thousand Oaks, CA, you could feel a buzz in the air. The facility was swamped with media as just the day prior Jared Goff was announced the starter!

I walked through the Rams media room on my way to interview Alec Ogletree. I noticed the staggering amount of media that were present in the room. Some were editing clips from interviews that day. Others were simply eating lunch. One thing that stood out to me was where the interview podium was located. As I walked through this office looking room with plastic tables throughout I saw a Rams backdrop with a podium.

I had never imagined the podium being in such an ordinary and busy room. Next, I met Alec. We were standing in a courtyard. The players were in between meetings and had food trucks just a few feet over. There were some couches for the players to sit on, but mostly just regular picnic tables. I was surprised by how ordinary looking the scene was as the players sat at the tables together and were talking and laughing. Alec and I talked for a minute or so and then I began my interview. Here is my latest edition of Fourth and Goal with… Alec Ogletree.

Q: Since we are here at the practice facility and the fans only get to see what happens on Sunday, take me through what the week here is like Monday- Saturday?

After a game we come in Monday morning and watch the film and do some coverage stuff. Tuesday, we come in and it’s kind of a light day for us. We start our game plan for the new week and get on the field for about an hour. Wednesday is our hard day. We come in at 7am and we are here until 7pm. First, you have workouts and then you go to meetings. Then you go from meetings to practice. After that you have a break for lunch. After that there are some more meetings. Thursday is our day off, but most of the guys come into watch film. On Friday we like to call it fast Fridays. You come in and go through the game plan that you have been working on all week. And then Saturday is just a walkthrough.

Q: At 4-5 and with the dolphins on a 4 game win streak and with you guys being just 2.5 games back of Seattle, what's the approach to the second half of the season?

Just win 1 game at a time. It’s a long season, but it’s going to end soon and it ends even faster if you don’t win. So we just try to take it one game at a time and win that game that week.

Q: Does a change in quarterback affect the team as a whole at all? And if so, how?

I wouldn’t say it affects the team. It may affect the offense just based on who is calling the plays. But as far as team wise, we still have the same goals to go out and win games.

Q: Being a captain this year, what are some different responsibilities than you had last year?

I just have to be more vocal and be a centerpiece to come to if guys have questions.

Being on hard knocks, did it affect the way people behaved with cameras around all the time? I wouldn’t say people were acting differently. I felt everyone was pretty much themselves. But, there definitely were times that some guys realized that a camera was around. But for the most part everyone was themselves.

Q: What was the move like from St. Louis to LA? How do you like LA so far?

The move out here was fun actually. We got to go to different places out here. We were down in Oxnard, went out to Irvine, and now we are out here in Thousand Oaks. It’s been really fun. The Rams did a great job getting everybody out here.

-Kid Reporter Jake

Kid Reporter Justin's Tournament of Teams: NFC North Edition!

In this article, I will give my predictions about the NFC North. So next article, I can wrap my Tournament of Teams off by predicting the next Super Bowl Champion!

Vikings vs. Bears-NFC North Semifinals
What has happened to the Vikings? They lost three games in a row and started out 5-0. They loss to the Bears and Lions these past two weeks. Both of them were big rivals of the Vikings. Is their offense the reason why? Their trio include Sam Bradford, Jerick McKinnon (although he is splitting time with Matt Asiata), and Stefon Diggs. This definitely seems like a trio that would go 0-3 these past three weeks. Their defense has been the part that helped them start off 5-0. Some players like Linval Joseph, Everson Griffen, and Harrison Smith lead the way on defense. The Bears have two average quarterbacks, which impacted them. Brian Hoyer and Jay Cutler are getting older. Quarterbacks are essential when it comes to winning. The Bears defense could be better as well. They have one of the worst defenses in the league. With two mediocre quarterbacks and a bad defense, it is almost impossible to rank the Bears over the Vikings. I choose the Vikings.

Packers vs. Lions-NFC North Semifinals

Is Aaron Rodgers still one of the elite? I would say so. He has Jordy Nelson and Davante Adams to pass the ball to. Although their running game is looking rough right now. At one point in the season Ty Montgomery was their starting running back. James Starks should be back this week. If their running game can't get going than neither will their offense. They have an okay defense with players like Clay Matthews, Morgan Burnett, and Sam Shields. They are also good against the run. The Lions have a bad running game as well with Theo Riddick. Theo Riddick is more of a pass catching running back. Matthew Stafford also lost his number one target in the off season and Golden Tate hasn't exactly been stepping up to the plate like Marvin Jones has been. They have a few gems on their defense like Ezekiel Ansah, Haloti Ngata, and Glover Quin. However their defense is towards the bottom half. I have to go with the Packers.

Packers vs. Vikings-NFC North Final
Wow! This brings memories from last year. We all remember that the division came down to a week 17 match up between the Packers and Vikings. The Vikings won that game. What happened in the playoffs though? Blair Walsh missed an easy game winning field goal to help the Seahawks move on. The Seahawks eventually lost to the Panthers in the next round. Meanwhile, the Packers beat the Redskins in the first round and then lost to the Cardinals in overtime. If I were the Packers coach I would have been happy we lost because I wouldn't have wanted to face the Seahawks.  I think the Packers will strive towards the end of the season and the Vikings will lose some ground. I choose the Packers.

Thanks for reading! Next time I wrap up this tournament by predicting how the playoffs will go down! Trust me you don't want to miss it.

-Kid Reporter Justin

Kid Reporter Theo's Playoff Predictions!

Hello everyone! This is Kid Reporter Theodore with my playoff predictions.

AFC East
New England Patriots
Miami Dolphins
Buffalo Bills
New York Jets

AFC North
Pittsburgh Steelers
Cincinnati Bengals
Baltimore Ravens
Cleveland Browns

AFC South
Tennessee Titans
Houston Texans
Indianapolis Colts
Jacksonville Jaguars

AFC West
Denver Broncos
Oakland Raiders
Kansas City Chiefs
San Diego Chargers

NFC East
Dallas Cowboys
New York Giants
Philadelphia Eagles
Washington Redskins

NFC North

Minnesota Vikings
Green Bay Packers
Detroit Lions
Chicago Bears

NFC South
Atlanta Falcons
New Orleans Saints
Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Carolina Panthers

NFC West

Seattle Seahawks
Arizona Cardinals
Los Angeles Rams
San Fransisco 49ers

-Kid Reporter Theodore

Kid Reporter Drew Predicts the Playoff Picture!

Kid Reporter Drew’s bold playoff predictions are below. What do you think? Is Drew right? Tell where you disagree.

NFC East: Dallas Cowboys
The Cowboys are up in the division with the Giants right behind. The Cowboys must stay on a winning track to win the division as the season has proved it's going to be tough.

NFC North: Minnesota Vikings
Even though they're on a losing skid, I think the Vikings will pull through with the Packers and the Lions right behind.

NFC South: Atlanta Falcons
The Falcons are dominating on offense but yet to find cohesiveness on defense. Keep an eye on New Orleans; like always the Saints are finding a way to contend this year.

NFC West: Seattle Seahawks

Seattle is probably going to have a landslide win of the division but don't be surprised if the Cardinals push their luck.

NFC Wild Card: New York Giants, Green Bay Packers
The New York Giants will make it with 9-7 record and with stellar play on defense. As for the Green Bay Packers, lets just say this: there are no playoffs without Aaron Rodgers throwing a clutch Hail Mary to beat the Lions for the last spot in Wild Card.

AFC East: New England Patriots

I'm sorry Jets, Dolphins and Bills fans: when will Tom Brady not win the division?

AFC North : Pittsburgh Steelers
The Steelers will clinch the division off of a silly Bengals penalty.

AFC South : Houston Texans
The Texans and Colts will battle it out for the division and T.Y Hilton will drop a wide open touchdown and cost them the division.

AFC West: Denver Broncos
The Broncos will win this stacked division because of their defense: Von Miller and his orange crush defense.

The AFC Wild Card
Kansas City Chiefs, Oakland Raiders I'm a believer in Andy Reid who is the genius in turning around an offense without Jamaal Charles, and working Nick Foles and Alex Smith into a 6-2 team so far. Meanwhile, the Raiders are the future of the division with Derek Carr and Khalil Mack: the best young offense-defense combo in the league that will one day bring them a Super Bowl. But not Yet.

-Kid Reporter Drew

Kid Reporter Justin's Tournament of Teams: AFC North Edition!

Before I begin can I just say, I feel bad for the Browns. They are 0-8 and have had five different starting quarterbacks! Kevin Hogan, Charlie Whitehurst, Cody Kessler, Josh McCown, and Robert Griffin 3. If Kevin Hogan or Josh McCown get out this upcoming week, then I would consider putting in Terrelle Pryor Sr. lol. Seriously though, Terrelle Pryor can do it all. He can catch, run an throw. Did you know he played quarterback one year? What team did he for back then? Tell me by commenting down below.

Browns vs. Steelers

AFC North Semifinals

Well obviously you know I am going with the Steelers based on my comments above. First of all the Browns are 0-8, and even if they win eight straight games, they will probably miss the playoffs. Ben Roethlisberger was out. The dude is as tough as can be, so he should be back soon. Landry Jones did a decent job against the Patriots. They lost, but he still played great. The Steelers are now 4-3. They have the best offensive trio in the whole league in my opinion. It is Antonio Brown, Le'Veon Bell, Ben Roethlisberger. Their offense is just beast in general. However, their weakness is in their secondary. Ross Cockrell and William Gay are just average cornerbacks. The Browns are just 0-8 and are looking rough right now. No healthy quarterback has equaled no wins so far. I have to go with the Steelers here.

Bengals vs. Ravens: AFC North Semifinals
If you looked at who was better in the first three weeks, there would be no question. At that point the Ravens were 3-0. However, now the Ravens have started to lose more and more. I expected it because I can't remember the last time the Ravens had a season where they won over ten games. I think it was 2011. The Ravens are clutch in the playoffs though. They went 10-6 in 2012 and won the Super Bowl. The Bengals are the complete opposite. They have been 0-7 in the playoffs since the Bengals hired Marvin Lewis. Last year might have been their closest. If it weren't for those penalties at the end, the Bengals would have won. I feel bad for the Bengals too. Fans of the Bengals and Browns haven't had a whole lot to cheer about in a while. Although the curse of Cleveland is starting to vanish. Anyway though, the Bengals seem to be the more talented team out of the two. Andy Dalton and A.J. Green are healthy, so the Bengals are in good shape. The Ravens have decent talent, but I am taking my chances on the 3-4-1 Bengals here.

Bengals vs. Steelers: AFC North Final

For the past couple of years, the Bengals and Steelers have had some close battles. Some seasons the Bengals would win the division and some seasons the Steelers would win. The teams look somewhat similar to the way they did last year. Last year, both teams faced off in the playoffs and the Bengals almost beat the Steelers with their backup quarterback, A.J. McCarron. I probably would have to say that the Steelers have the edge on offense and the Bengals have the edge on defense. This match up then, comes down to who has had the better start. In that case, I pick the Steelers.

Thanks for reading and tune in next time!

-Kid Reporter Justin

Kid Reporter Oren's Week 8 Predictions- How Did He Do?!

Here were my predictions for Week 8. Tell me how I did below!

Washington Redskins Vs. Cincinnati Bengals
The Cincinnati Bengals will win and A.J Green will get 80+ yards and one touchdown.

Detroit Lions Vs. Houston Texans
The Houston Texans will win and Lamar Miller will rush for 120+ yards.

Seattle Seahawks Vs. New Orleans Saints
The Seattle Seahawks will win and Russell Wilson will throw 3+ touchdowns.

Kansas City Chiefs Vs. Indianapolis Colts
Andrew Luck will only throw 2 touchdowns and the Chiefs will win.

New York Jets Vs. Cleveland Browns
Brandon Marshall will score 2 touchdowns this week and the Jets will win.

New England Patriots Vs. Buffalo Bills
The Patriots will win and Tom Brady will throw for 4+ touchdowns.

Oakland Raiders Vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
The Oakland Raiders will win and Derek Carr will throw for 4+ touchdowns.

San Diego Chargers Vs. Denver Broncos
Melvin Gordon
will not score a touchdown and the broncos will win.

Green Bay Packers Vs. Atlanta Falcons
Ty Montgomery
will have the most rushing yards this week and the Packers will win.

Philadelphia Eagles Vs. Dallas Cowboys
The Cowboys will win but both rookie quarterbacks will have very good games.

Minnesota Vikings Vs. Chicago Bears
Jay Cutler
will come back as the starter and throw for 3+ touchdowns but the Bears defense will do very bad so the Vikings will win.

Comment down below who do you think will win. Also, tell me what article I should write next.

-Kid Reporter Oren

Kid Reporter Peter: Career of Aaron Rodgers!

Hey NFLRushers today I will be looking at something interesting. Today I will be looking at the next 6 years for the career of Aaron Rodgers. Here we go!

2016-2017 Superbowl Win 38-35 vs Patriots
4,078 Yards 39 TDs 7 INTs

2017-2018 4,589 Yards 48 TDs 3 INTs

2018-2019 Super Bowl Win 42-28 vs Bengals
5,081 Yards 58 TDs 7 INTs
MVP Award

2019-2020 4,991 Yards 61 TDs 10 INTs

2020-2021 5,408 Yards 59 TDs 2 INTs MVP Award

2021-2022 Superbowl Win 56-49 vs Broncos

4,987 Yards 57 TDs 5 INTs
MVP Award
Future Hall of Famer

Lets take a look at the stats I'm predicting him to finish with:
61,533 Career Yards
579 Career TDs 99 Career INTs
4 Superbowl Appearances
4 Superbowl Wins 5 time MVP. 

Do you agree with my predictions? Tell me below!

-Kid Reporter Peter

Kid Reporter Pranav's Week 8 Picks!

Hey NFLRUSHERZ! it's Kid Reporter Pranav back with another article! It's going to be about this weeks picks! Let's Get Started!

Underdog Pick Of The Week
Bears win against Vikings

Titans win against Jaguars
Redskins win against Bengals
Seahawks win against Saints
Chiefs win against Colts
Texans beat Lions
Jets win against Browns
Patriots win against Bills
Cardinals win against Panthers
Raiders win against Buccaneers
Chargers win against Broncos
Falcons win against Packers
Eagles win against Cowboys

That's my picks for the week! As always tell me if you agree! See you in my next article.

-Kid Reporter Pranav

Kid Reporter Noah's Visit to Gridiron Glory!

I had the chance to see the Gridiron Glory exhibit, which had come to Minnesota. I saw many cool things including numerous game used memorabilia.

Here is my tour of the exhibit:

After arriving at the Minnesota Historical Center, I saw the beginning of the exhibit. At the start was an interactive training camp. I played some of the games including the field goal kick, where you kick a football and then it shows where it would go on a screen. Also in this room was an NFL Referee simulator. Basically, you could go in the 'booth' where you review a real play after a challenge, and after you determine what you think based off of a variety of camera angles, you see what the official call was in the NFL. I really felt the pressure and excitement of what football referees feel. Here is what the booth looked like.

Next was one of my favorite parts, the Minnesota Vikings room. The room consisted of jerseys from past and present legends who wore the purple and gold. One cool part about the room is that they replicated the locker of Everson Griffen, a current defensive lineman for the Vikings.

I then got to view the unique history of the NFL before my eyes. Most of the influential eras were displayed, and I ultimately arrived at the breathtaking Champions Theater. The massive display showed off many jerseys worn and torn by NFL legends.

And yes, that is a Vince Lombardi Trophy in the middle.

One of the many jerseys that were inside, belonged to Devin Hester, which he wore in 2006. Hester had a 108 yard touchdown off of a missed kick which tied the previous NFL record. Seeing the legendary returner's jersey was really something.

For all you Patriots fans, I wanted to let you know that I saw the jersey of Rob Gronkowski, which he wore while tying the NFL's record for tight end touchdowns in one season.

And last but certainly not least, I got to see the ball that Jerry Rice caught for his 100th touchdown reception.

I very much enjoyed seeing all of this history in one museum. I look forward to learning more about everything I saw. Thank you for reading!

-Kid Reporter Noah O.

Kid Reporter John's Read Option: Week 7!

With six weeks of NFL action now in the books, the playoff picture is starting to round into form. The NFC picture is very intriguing, and the competition is wide open for playoff spots and the NFC title. Though they don’t have the track record of some of the other teams, these three NFC teams have established themselves as contenders.

X Option: Dallas Cowboys
The Cowboys are for real. They came into Green Bay, one of the toughest environments for a visitor to win, and beat Aaron Rodgers and the Packers by two touchdowns. Though he threw his first NFL interception, rookie quarterback Dak Prescott has staked his claim as the Cowboy quarterback this season and running back Ezekiel Elliott should eclipse 1,500 yards. The Dallas’ Cowboys defense, though not great, has held up and is good enough for the Cowboys to be real playoff contenders.

Y Option: Minnesota Vikings
The Vikings remain as the only undefeated team in the NFL and their early season performance indicates that they’re a team to beat in the NFC. Quarterback Sam Bradford has experienced a career renaissance and the defense is in the Denver-Seattle category atop the league. Most of all, the coaching staff has done an incredible job keeping Minnesota afloat amidst all the players out. With a possible return from Adrian Peterson later this season, the Vikings could be poised for a deep run in January.

Z Option: Atlanta Falcons
I thought the Falcons early success was a fluke, but after seeing their performance in a losing effort on Sunday, I now think differently. Atlanta held Seattle, arguably the best team in the NFC at the moment, and probably would have won the game if the referees called pass interference on Richard Sherman on the last Atlanta play. The Falcons have the best offense in the NFC, with an improved offensive line, the best one-two combination of any NFL backfield, and the game’s best receiver in Julio Jones. As Sunday showed, their defense has also taken steps forward. With all the struggles in Carolina, the Falcons are the favorite to win the NFC South and will be a team nobody wants to face in the playoffs.

My Picks
Last Week: 9-6
Ravens over Jets
Packers over Bears
Giants over Rams
Chiefs over Saints
Raiders over Jaguars
Lions over Redskins
Colts over Titans
Bengals over Browns
Vikings over Eagles- The Bradford Bowl
Bills over Dolphins
Buccaneers over 49ers Chargers over Falcons
Patriots over Steelers
Cardinals over Seahawks
Broncos over Texans- The Osweiler Bowl

-Kid Reporter John

Kid Reporter Noah: Rejoice Minnesota, the Vikings Are Winning!

I am not going to lie, and act like I predicted this all from the start; when quarterback Teddy Bridgewater went down. I also wouldn’t have predicted that the purple and gold would be 5-0 without former NFL MVP Adrian Peterson. I don’t think anyone had us bouncing back from losing multiple key offensive lineman. And yet Minnesota has defied all odds and has gone undefeated. Some say it is Sam Bradford, others say it is the defense, many praise their special teams, I believe it is Mike Zimmer, the mastermind behind it all, who should be credited for their success. He is the heart and soul of this squad, and forged a great team in every aspect. Zimmer specializes in defense, which has been a strong suit for Minnesota so far this season.

The biggest X factor so far for this defense in my opinion has been cornerback Xavier Rhodes. Despite only playing three games, Rhodes has made all the headlines locally and across the nation. In his three starts, he has shut down star wide receivers, including Odell Beckham Jr. and DeAndre Hopkins. Things get a lot easier on defense when top wide outs aren’t performing, but the success of Rhodes is no coincidence, it was only a matter of time before he exploded. The Minnesota Vikings secondary consists of veteran slot cornerback, Captain Munnerlyn. Likewise, Harrison Smith contributes big time at safety. It also helps when your defensive line is dominating like the Vikings is. Lead by sack specialist, Everson Griffen, quarterbacks better watch out against Minnesota. The packages of Zimmer moving Brian Robison inside and out have been working really well with both Robison and second year stud, Danielle Hunter. Both Hunter and Griffen have totaled four sacks each. The duo was probably drooling when Carson Wentz of the Philadelphia Eagles, their week seven opponent, was being bothered by the Washington Redskins defense. Another key factor to the Minnesota Vikings success has been their quick and versatile linebackers. Two former UCLA linebackers, Anthony Barr and Eric Kendricks, have both caused chaos for opposing teams. Minnesota’s defense overall has little weaknesses. When Coach Zimmer lines them up in the gap on either side of the center, they cause a lot of problems for opposing offenses.

The Vikings offense has suffered many devastating losses with players being out. The front office made the decision to trade a first and fourth round draft choice to the Philadelphia Eagles after Bridgewater went out. In return we received quarterback Sam Bradford. At first many thought that this deal was a bit risky; putting our future into this player, but as the season has gone along, Bradford has stolen the heart of Minnesota. I even have heard some “Teddy who?” chants around town. Unlike many past seasons, this offense has become pass first in which Bradford has thrived in the playbook that offensive coordinator, Norv Turner, has created.

As I mentioned before, this upcoming Sunday is the showdown between Carson Wentz and Sam Bradford. Wentz, being a rookie, impressed many very early in the season, but has slowed down. Coach Zimmer definitely will throw a lot at the rookie. I can just imagine the many blitzes that will be overloading the young quarterback. Hopefully wide receiver Stefon Diggs comes back this week for the Vikings. The Minnesota Vikings offense has had a week to recuperate, and should be firing on all cylinders in Philadelphia. Coming off a bye week, I expect that Minnesota is hungry for another win!

-Kid Reporter Noah O.

Kid Reporter Justin's Tournament of Teams: NFC South Edition!

It's Kid Reporter Justin here and today I am going to go over the NFC South. The question in a lot of people's mind is probably whether or not the Panthers will win their division. What do I think about them? You will have to see.

Panthers vs. Buccaneers: NFC South Semifinals
As we all know the Buccaneers recently beat the Panthers. Their rookie kicker came through in the clutch making a field goal to win the game. Derek Anderson definitely wasn't the ideal situation. They are now 1-4 and their chances of making the playoffs are slim. Will Derek Anderson play again? That is what I want to know because he has to perform better than he did last time if they want to win. In fact, another loss would possibly cost them their season. The Buccaneers are doing mediocre with two wins, but it is not much better. Out of the two teams there is no comparison, the Panthers are better. But they have been putting themselves in a hard position if they want to make the playoffs. The Buccaneers are a young team with a lot of potential, but they aren't as good as the Panthers. However, if Derek Anderson plays they could go 1-5. Which team has the better chance to make the playoffs? I still can't give up on the runner-ups from last year. I choose the Panthers.

Saints vs. Falcons: NFC South Semifinals
I am not surprised the Falcons are 4-1. They had a great start last season too and then, they started to struggle. The Saints have just been in so many close games and lost a lot of them. They are 1-3. Will the Saints be able to catch the Falcons? If the Falcons have a slump at the end of the season again, then maybe. Drew Brees is a awesome quarterback who is starting to age, but he is still solid. Let's remember that he helped the Saints win their first ever Super Bowl against Peyton Manning and the Colts a couple years ago. The Saints obviously aren't as good now, but they still have a talented team. Drew Brees has the targets to do well. They include Brandin Cooks, and tight end Coby Fleener, who I have a ton of faith in. Matt Ryan has Julio Jones, but other than that his targets are not reliable. Unlike I predicted with the Panthers and Buccaneers, I don't think the Saints have enough talent to catch the Falcons. I choose the Falcons.

Panthers vs. Falcons: NFC South Final
This one I am having a time deciding. Should I go with Falcons since they are doing so good right now or should I go with the Panthers who are better than the Falcons, but aren't playing like it? If Derek Anderson plays than the Panthers have no chance, but supposedly Cam Newton might play. If Cam Newton plays they are in good shape to beat the Saints and go 2-4. The Falcons have the Seahawks this week, so they probably will go 4-2. If this happens, which there is a good chance it does, then the Panthers long shot is not so much of a long shot. It is only a two win difference. Even if this does happen, the Falcons are still playing like the better team right now. I think they will slow down their momentum, but if Devonta Freeman and Tevin Coleman keep this up, the Falcons will be hard to stop. Not only would the opposing defenses have to worry about Julio Jones, but they now have to worry about the Falcons ground game. The Panthers have Jonathan Stewart coming back this week, so the Panthers could also have a running game to watch out for too this week. A good running game isn't the only thing needed on offense to have a successful offense, but it definitely helps. It puts less pressure on the quarterback. With Cam Newton and Jonathan Stewart possibly back, I believe the Panthers can once again dominate. I might be crazy, but I have faith in the Panthers. I choose the Panthers.

Do you agree with my risky prediction? Let me know your opinion by commenting down below. Stay tuned for the AFC North.

-Kid Reporter Justin

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Kid Reporter Justin's Pro Bowl Picks: Week 1-5!

As some you probably know Pro Bowls voting is already out! Don't vote yet of course. Put still keep in mind of some players who are playing like Pro Bowlers as of now.

Here are my picks for who should make the pro bowls as of right now(in no particular order). Picks for almost all of the positions.

Matt Ryan
Philip Rivers
Ben Roethlisberger
Carson Wentz
Andrew Luck
Derek Carr

Antonio Brown
Amari Cooper
Mike Evans
A.J. Green
T.Y. Hilton
Julio Jones
Marvin Jones
Demaryius Thomas

Ezekiel Elliott
Devonta Freeman
Melvin Gordon
David Johnson
LeSean McCoy
DeMarco Murray

Jordan Reed
Greg Olsen
Jimmy Graham
Kyle Rudolph

Carlos Dunlap
Everson Griffen
Cameron Heyward
Jason Pierre-Paul
Leonard Williams
Derek Wolfe

Ndamukong Suh
Linval Joseph
Nick Fairley
Aaron Donald
Fletcher Cox
Calais Campbell

Marcus Cooper
Perrish Cox
Joe Haden
Casey Hayward
Jason McCourty
Josh Norman
Marcus Peters
Aqib Talib

Zach Brown
Luke Kuechly
Benardrick McKinney
C.J. Mosley

Lorenzo Alexander
Vic Beasley
Markus Golden
Jerry Hughes
Sean Lee
K.J. Wright

T.J. Ward
Tony Jefferson

Earl Thomas
Tyrann Mathieu

Jakeem Grant
Eric Weems

Pat McAfee
Thomas Morstead

Justin Tucker
Adam Vinatieri

There you have it! Due to how these players performed in weeks 1-5, these are the players who I think deserve to make to the Pro Bowl if the season ended right now.

Let me know your options by commenting down below!

-Kid Reporter Justin

Kid Reporter Pranav's Super Bowl Winner!

Hey NFLRUSHERZ it's Kid Reporter Pranav back with another article!

This one is gonna be about my Super Bowl winner!

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The Super Bowl champs this year are going to be The New England Patriots!

They went 3-1 without Tom Terrific and I think they will excel with him being back!

That's it for now! Also, let me know what you want me to write about next!

-Kid Reporter Pranav

Kid Reporter Justin's Fantasy Football Advice!

I recently wrote an article about weeks one through four. The article included five players who were out in that piece. At the time I had been slightly aware of Cam Newton being out, and thought it was no big deal. My decision ended up being to start Cam Newton due to his match up against the Buccaneers and also started their defense hoping that they would shut down Jameis Winston

Little did I know what would happen next. Cam Newton is out for the week and Derek Anderson is starting. I went to check to see how my lineup is doing on Monday night and I saw Cam Newton's picture and a red background. At first I had no idea what that meant, but then I realized that meant he must be out. There was only one game left at the time and even though my defense was the Carolina Panthers defense, I started Jameis Winston. Since I had Jameis Winston, I decided to select the Buccaneers defense who were my only other choice. It would have been a bad choice for me to start the Panthers defense because I figured if Jameis Winston does great than the Panthers defense will most likely do awful.

I know this might be review for some of you guys, but if you guys are unsure about a player's status, check a day before their game to see what their new status is. Most of the time if it says they will play one day before their game, they will play. Obviously there are some people who don't play, but ninety percent of the time they will play if it says they will play one day before their game. If it says they are out, then they are definitely out. I hope you don't make the mistake I nearly made.

Other tips:
-If you choose a team's quarterback then consider choosing one of their receivers.
Ex. If you choose Ben Roethlisberger, then consider choosing Antonio Brown as your receiver.

-Always choose a quarterback as your wildcard.
Ex. If you choose Aaron Rodgers as your quarterback, then choose your second favorite quarterback as your wildcard.

-Use the schedules to your advantage.
Ex. If Ezekiel Elliott is facing the Saints and David Johnson is facing the Broncos, then choose Ezekiel Elliott.

-Never pick more than two players from the same team.
Ex. Do not pick Kirk Cousins, DeSean Jackson, Matt Jones, Jordan Reed, and the Redskins defense all in the same week.

-Don't pick players just because you like them.
Ex. I like the Jets, but a lot of times I don't pick players from the Jets.

My Week Six fantasy football lineup:
QB- Tom Brady
WR- Antonio Brown
RB- Ezekiel Elliott
TE- Rob Gronkowski
DEF- Carolina
Wildcard- Ben Roethlisberger

-Kid Reporter Justin

Kid Reporter Cooper: Week 5 Predictions- Was He Accurate?

I have looked at all the games this week, analyzed the data. Let's see how I did!

Arizona Cardinals @ San Francisco 49ers October 6, 2016 8:25 P.M. ET.
Most people will probably look at this game and say the Cardinals would absolutely crush the 49ers, but I don’t really think so. The San Francisco 49ers are, let’s face it, pretty bad. But, as good as the Cardinals are, I think you can never really say anything until the ball is kicked off. So, I can’t say for sure, but I don’t think that the 49ers are going to get annihilated. Yet, I still have the Cardinals taking this one, 35-28.

Washington Redskins @ Baltimore Ravens October 9, 2016 1:00 PM. ET.
This one is a little bit of a hard one. Some people might say the Ravens will win and some people might pick the Redskins to win. I think it will probably start out as a close game, but with all of the talent on the Ravens, they will pull ahead and beat the Redskins, 31-17.

Tennessee Titans @ Miami Dolphins October 9, 2016 1:00 PM. ET.
This game is probably going to be a very close game. It should also be a very well-played game for both teams. The Dolphins are going to want to bounce back from that Thursday night loss against the Bengals. Although, the Titans are a bad team to want to bounce back against. I believe Demarco Murray will have a big game, over one hundred rushing yards and at least two touchdowns. 

Ryan Tannehill and the Dolphins offense will probably play a pretty good game, as the Titans defense is, well, not even really okay. I mean on the stat sheet they may look well, but they really aren’t very good when a game is down to the wire.
In the special team game, the Dolphins and the Titans are a lot like most other teams: average. So, you can’t really judge this game by the special teams units.

So, let’s look at what we have here. There are two defenses who are pretty much horrific. Maybe, the Titans defense is a little better than horrific, but the Dolphins defense is probably a lot worse than horrific. But, what actually matters is the Titans have a much better defense than the Dolphins. On offense, the Titans have so much talent, and the Dolphins put all their eggs in one basket with Ryan Tannehill and Jarvis Landry, even though they are both great players, the Titans offense spreads the talent around, so the Tennessee Titans offense is better. On the special teams side, neither team is really better.

This game is a definite win for the Titans, 31-21.

Chicago Bears @ Indianapolis Colts October 9, 2016 1:00 PM. ET.
The Bears and the Colts are two pretty bad teams. Chicago just has too many players out, especially to good players. The Colts don’t really have as many players out as the Bears do, but they just don’t always play great football, even though they have a lot of talent in that locker room. They just don’t seem to show it. I think the Bears can play next man up football and beat the Colts, 34-31 in overtime.

New England Patriots @ Cleveland Browns October 9, 2016 1:00 PM. ET
This is the week that Patriots fans have all been waiting for. The week that the star quarterback Tom Brady returns from his four game suspension. Tom Brady, as every die hard football fan knows, has lead his team to a dynasty. Of course, he had some help along the way, like star tight end Rob Gronkowski and wide receivers Julian Edelman and Danny Amendola. All of those star pass catchers are still on the team. I think the combination of those three, and Tom Brady will give the Patriots a win. The Patriots are just better, on offense, defense, and special teams. So the Patriots defiantly win this one by a lot, 56-14.

New York Jets @ Pittsburgh Steelers October 9, 2016 1:00 PM. ET.
I think this game should be very interesting. The Pittsburgh Steelers and New York Jets are pretty close to having equal value at just about every position. Many people may have looked at this game before the season and said that the Steelers will win this game easily, but I don’t really think so. The Steelers have played a little bit below expectations so far this season in my mind.

The Jets are pretty much the Jets this year, average for the most part. I think this will be a real contest on Sunday afternoon. The Steelers will get a 24-21 overtime victory over the New York Jets.

Houston Texans @ Minnesota Vikings October 9, 2016 1:00 PM. ET.
This should be a great game to watch. This is going to be a hard game for the Texans, facing a dominate Vikings offense with Sam Bradford under center. The Vikings still do have a disadvantage without Adrian Peterson. The Vikings should be able to have a huge game on offense as they will be able to run it right at the defense of the Houston Texans, a Texans defense that is missing star defensive end J.J. Watt. I think this will be a very high scoring game. The Texans should get five touchdowns and a score of 35. I think the Vikings will get the same thing, which of course means extra football.

The overtime quarter probably won’t last long, because the first time the Vikings get the ball they will be able to move it down the field and score a game winning touchdown as they beat the Texans 41-35.

Philadelphia Eagles @ Detroit Lions October 9, 2016 1:00 PM. ET.
Welcome to Wentzylvania! The mayor of Wentzylvania visits the Lions on Sunday. The last time the Eagles played at Ford Field, it was Thanksgiving of 2015, and the Lions absolutely demolished the Eagles. Of course, that was last year, and Mark Sanchez was the starting quarterback. Now it is rookie sensation Carson Wentz. I think that both teams really deserve to win. The Eagles should have a great offensive game. Even though the Eagles defense has shut down opponent offenses, I think the Lions will score four touchdowns.

The Eagles win streak has to come to an end some time, and I think it will be this week, Lions win 34-31 in overtime. But even though I have the Eagles down to lose this game, I believe that Carson Wentz will keep up his streak of not throwing an interception.

Atlanta Falcons @ Denver Broncos October 9, 2016 4:05 PM. ET.
The Denver Broncos may not have Peyton Manning on the team, but they still have something special at the quarterback position. Trevor Siemian has led his team to a great start, and should start off the second quarter of the season with a pretty easy victory. And even if he is not ready to start, Paxton Lynch is still a great rookie quarterback who could lead his team to a win. I think the Falcons aren’t really as good as some people say they are, so I am definitely taking the Broncos to win this one, big time. Final score, Broncos 35, Falcons 14.

Cincinnati Bengals @ Dallas Cowboys October 9, 2016 4:25 PM. ET.
Both teams have spectacular players on their rosters. Both teams also have explosive players on offense, but you know what they say, defense wins championships. So because of that, I think that this is going to be a low scoring game. As you know, if you read my predictions, I predict that there will be many overtime games in week 5, and I think this will be another one. Cowboys 14, Bengals 14, after the end of regulation. Both teams are pretty clutch, but I think that the Cowboys will be more clutch by kicking a game winning field goal to beat the Bengals 17-14 in overtime.

San Diego Chargers @ Oakland Raiders October 9, 2016 4:25 PM. ET.
The Chargers and the Raiders are both in the AFC West, which makes them rivals, but they are not big rivals. These two teams want to beat each other more than they want to hurt and fight with each other. So, I don’t think that the rivalry will play a part in this game. It should just be football as usual. Both of these teams aren’t the favorites to win the division, even though the Raiders had some high expectations, and are 3-1. The Chargers win it 17-14, even though major players being out have not helped the Chargers.

Buffalo Bills @ Los Angeles Rams October 9, 2016 4:25 PM. ET.

The Bills got a much needed victory against the Patriots, after all that has been going on with Buffalo, like the firing of offensive coordinator Greg Roman, to name one. I think they can keep it going with a big game against the Rams. The Bills will give up some points on defense, but they will find the end zone five times on offense. The Bills are definitely going to win this one, 35-20.

New York Giants @ Green Bay Packers October 9, 2016 8:30 PM. ET.
Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers haven’t played as well as they were thought to be, and you still haven’t heard Aaron Rodgers spell out R-E-L-A-X at a press conference yet. Packers fans are scared, but I believe there is no reason to be scared at all. The Packers are still a great football team.

The Giants are of course not the best team in the league, but they are an average team. They are still in one the worst divisions to be an average team, as the Eagles and the Cowboys have played great football so far, and don’t count out the Redskins.
The Giants definitely won't be able to win this one. The Packers beat New York, 28-21.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Carolina Panthers October 10, 2016 8:30 PM. ET.
The Carolina Panthers were expected to have an amazing year, but starting 1-3 is not amazing. The Panthers are ready to host the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Monday Night Football under the lights. I think the Buccaneers are going to have a great game and by the end of the year a great season with Jameis Winston at quarterback, and the Panthers might just keep on struggling. I don’t know how the Panthers will fair later in the season, but I believe they are going to surprise fans and lose this game 30-24 in a short overtime.

I hope you enjoyed my week 5 predictions! I will not disappoint and will have my week 6 predictions shortly! Please like my post below! If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please tell me in the comments! Thank you NFL Rushers!!!!

 -Kid Reporter Cooper

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Kid Reporter Justin's Tournament of Teams: NFC West!

When the word stacked comes to mind what do you think of? Comment below about what you think. 

I think of the NFC West as stacked. They have two teams from the playoffs last year in their division. This division is as about as hard as the NFC East to predict. Will my choice be the same as yours? You will have to see.

Cardinals vs. Rams: NFC West Semifinals
This whole division is known for their defense. This includes the Rams and Cardinals. Who has the edge on defense though? I would have to say the Cardinals. They have playmakers like Patrick Peterson, Tyrann Mathieu (The Honey Badger), and Calais Campbell. The defense shallows up ton of offenses including most likely the Rams this year. Sorry Rams fans. I just don't agree with starting Case Keenum when your team traded up to the number one pick only to not start the guy your team picked. Case Keenum had his chance. Now it is Jared Goff's turn. The Cardinals on the other hand have a great offense. They have arguably the best trio of receivers in the league including Larry Fitzgerald, John Brown, and Michael Floyd. Their running back is also super talented. David Johnson is young and is on the right track to a great career. Carson Palmer wasn't healthy, which concerns me. Even though Carson Palmer might miss week or so, I choose the Cardinals.

Seahawks vs. 49ers: NFC West Semifinals
So far the Seahawks are 3-1 and the 49ers are 1-3. The Seahawks actually whooped the 49ers earlier this season. They have playmakers on defense such as Richard Sherman and Earl Thomas. Russell Wilson is also one of the league's best quarterbacks. Who do the 49ers have? Blaine Gabbert at quarterback and Torrey Smith and Jeremy Kerley as wideouts. No wonder they are losing. They just aren't as talented as the Seahawks. I do like Chip Kelly and the 49ers are one of my favorite teams, but they aren't as good as they used to be. I choose the Seahawks.

Seahawks vs Cardinals:NFC West Final
Last year, the Cardinals won the division and the Seahawks squeaked in as a wild card. Will this year be any different? Russell Wilson definitely is progressing through the years and David Johnson is becoming a top tier running back. The Cardinals and Seahawks both have top five defenses and they each have a top three cornerback in the league as well as a top three safety (Cardinals have Patrick Peterson and Tyrann Mathieu. Seahawks have Richard Sherman and Earl Thomas). This year the Seahawks have started out stronger only losing to the Rams. Last year, the Cardinals started out stronger. I think the Seahawks will continue to play good. The Cardinals are still good, but the two win difference might be too hard to even up. I choose the Seahawks.

Next time I head over to the AFC South. Stay tuned and thanks for reading.

-Kid Reporter Justin

Kid Reporter Justin: First Four Weeks Recap!

Can you believe it the first fours weeks are already over!? Did you miss it altogether? Well if you did, then don't worry. Here is a little recap of weeks one through four.

Five Stars
WR-Julio Jones
RB-DeMarco Murray
QB-Matt Ryan
TE-Greg Olsen
Minnesota Defense

Five Disappointments
WR-Golden Tate
RB-Chris Ivory
QB-Carson Palmer
TE-Gary Barnidge
Indianapolis Defense

Five Players Out 

WR-Donte Moncrief
RB-Adrian Peterson
QB-Robert Griffin
TE-Rob Gronkowski
RB-Doug Martin

Five Rising Stars
WR-Terrelle Pryor Sr.
RB-Melvin Gordon
QB-Carson Wentz
TE-Kyle Rudolph
WR-Sterling Shepard

Five Teams To Beat (3-1 or better)
1. Broncos
2. Vikings
3. Eagles
4. Patriots
5. Steelers

-Kid Reporter Justin

Kid Reporter David: Panthers Are Going to Win!

Hi my name is David. This is my first Kid Reporter article so that Is why it may not be as good as other reports. The Panthers have had a rough season. I think they are going to win against the Buccaneers in a rematch! 

This is why: 
1. Good QB 
2. Good TE 
3. Just because

I hope you like my Report. Also I would love it if you could 'like' my Report. It would mean a lot to me. 

Username: thecarolinaboy

-Kid Reporter David

Kid Reporter Noah: Chad Greenway's Celebrity Waiter Night!

I had the opportunity to attend Chad Greenway’s Lead the Way Foundation’s 6th Annual Celebrity Waiter Night, which was held a week ago on Monday, September 19, 2016. 

It was very cool to meet local Minnesota sports stars and also support a great cause at the same time. Chad Greenway is such a class act on and off the field. Some of the Vikings who headlined the event included young members of the Minnesota Vikings defensive squad, Anthony Barr, Eric Kendricks, and Harrison Smith. Kyle Rudolph and Audie Cole also came to support the foundation. I chatted with Rudolph, the Vikings tight end, about his performance in their win against our border rivals, the Green Bay Packers. I briefly talked to former teammate of Greenway’s, Ben Leber. 


As you readers probably have noticed, I LOVE football (which is an understatement), but I also was very delighted to see a couple of Minnesota Wild players at the event. Another surprise to me was meeting David Plummer, a team USA swimmer who won both gold and bronze at the 2016 Rio Olympics. After mingling with all the celebrity attendees, my father and I went to our seats. An auction was held for items that had been used in games, and then Greenway spoke about the purpose of his foundation. The Lead the Way Foundation supports children who need help, and also assists their families. From providing hospitalized kids with games to holding luncheons for the mothers of these children, Greenway successfully makes positive change in the community. This event was very meaningful for me, and I learned a lot about Chad Greenway and what he stands for.   

-Kid Reporter Noah O.

Kid Reporter Theodore: Week 5 Picks and Predictions!

Hello Everyone! 

It's Kid Reporter Theodore with my Week 5 NFL Picks and Predictions.

Cardinals at 49ers- 49ers
Texans at Vikings- Vikings
Bears at Colts- Colts
Jets at Steelers- Steelers
Titans at Dolphins- Dolphins
Eagles at Lions- Eagles
Patriots at Browns- Browns
Ravens at Redskins- Ravens
Falcons at Broncos- Broncos
Bengals at Cowboys- Cowboys
Chargers at Raiders- Raiders
Bills at Rams- Rams
Giants at Packers- Giants
Buccaneers at Panthers- Buccaneers

Top 3 Questions
What can Tom Brady do in his season debut?
Are the Panthers and Cardinals in legitimate danger?
Is Carson Wentz for real?

Tell me what you think below!

-Kid Reporter Theodore