49ers Rusher
The 49ers Rusher is able to fight off evil with a Super Pick blast from his trusty weapon. It can grow to giant proportions or blast through solid rock. There’s nothing old about this white haired hero.
Bears Rusher
The Bears Rusher is lean, mean, and ready to throw down with anyone who tries to mess with the Windy City and his beloved Chicago Bears. His Bears Roar will put any bad guy in a daze and knock them down them with a vocal blast.
Bengals Rusher
A veteran in the fight against evil, the Bengals Rusher has earned his stripes in battle. If his sharp claws and teeth don't keep his enemies away, his devastating Super Snarl will knock over opponents with a sonic blast and make any foe think twice about starting trouble.
Bills Rusher
The Bills Rusher is ready to charge into action whenever the enemy threatens the Buffalo Bills. Don't get in his way, or you'll face his Buffalo Stomp, a force as powerful as Niagara Falls that will cause even the earth to quake.
Broncos Rusher
Years of training in the Mile High City has made the Broncos Rusher ready to defeat his enemies at the highest altitudes and coldest temperatures. If any enemy thinks they can get past the Bronco Kick, they have another thing coming.
Browns Rusher
Ohio is lucky to have the Guardians as hometown heroes, but if it came down to it, the Browns Rusher would defend the whole state by himself. Nobody messes with his Browns Growl, a powerful blast that disorients any villain.
Buccaneers Rusher
A master swordsman with his laser-emitting blade, the Buccaneers Rusher stands ready to defeat any scoundrel with his swashbuckling Bucs Bash. His sword blocks blasts and wields a powerful one of its own.
Cardinals Rusher
The heat is on in Arizona, and it's not just because of the weather. The Cardinals Rusher is a master of aerial combat. Able to swoop down on unsuspecting enemies and grow giant-sized when he uses his Crush Call; the Cardinals Rusher is a valued ally in the battle against bad guys.
Chargers Rusher
Don't let his laid back, California style fool you. The Chargers Rusher can throw bolts of lightening and channel electricity with his Energy Bolt power. The Chargers Rusher makes a shocking foe of anyone who’s out to jolt the Chargers.
Chiefs Rusher
He's handy with a football, and even handier with a forceful electromagnetic tackle. If anybody wants to mess with Kansas City, they'll have to get through the city's greatest protector, the Chiefs Rusher and his Chiefs Crash.
Colts Rusher
The Colts Rusher uses his horsepower to stomp and kick into action with his Colts Stomp, a mega-blast of seismic energy that sends shockwaves through any enemy.
Cowboys Rusher
The good guys always wear white hats. The same is true for the Cowboys Rusher. Outfitted with his hat, his spurs, he’ll lasso anybody who messes with the Dallas Cowboys and use his Star Spur power to hogtie any opponent.
Dolphins Rusher
Quick on land and quicker in water, the Dolphins Rusher is able to jump (or swim) into action with his unearthly Super Sonar high-pitched sonic blasts.
Eagles Rusher
He may be from the City of Brotherly Love, but the Eagles Rusher has plenty of fight in him if he needs it. Able to swoop down and surprise his enemies from above, the Eagles Rusher has Super Soar and long-range laser vision, making easy prey of any adversary.
Falcons Rusher
The Falcons Rusher incredible flight speed and anti-gravity Rise Up Power always keep him above the fray and ahead of trouble. With the lift of his wings this Rusher can sideline any opponent up and out of the way.
Giants Rusher
In order to protect the city that never sleeps, you need a rusher that never stops. The tireless Giants Rusher protects the New York Giants, armed with his Super Torch, a mega-powered flamethrower. Careful not to get this guy fired up.
Jaguars Rusher
No evildoer wants to face the prowling Jaguars Rusher. His Scary Spike retractable sharp claws, quick moves, and sharp teeth make quick work of any enemy.
Jets Rusher
The Jets Rusher is equipped with rockets and wings for high-flying adventure. His Aerial Attack is unmatched, and no matter where the threat is, the Jets Rusher will be there in a flash.
Lions Rusher
The Lions Rusher sports a wild blue mane, more than a couple sets of fangs and a Super Roar that’s fierce. He is the pride of the Detroit Lions. He is also the first line of defense in protecting the Lions Megacore.
Packers Rusher
The Packers Rusher is old school. If getting into a scrape is what is needed to protect the Green Bay Packers and their Megacore, then he is getting into it. With his Deep Freeze, he’ll turn any enemy cold and freeze them in their tracks.
Panthers Rusher
The claws and jaws of the Panthers Rusher are a sight to behold, but you’ll probably never see them coming if you cross him. He’s an expert in stealth, and can sneak up on his enemy whenever the element of surprise is needed, then with his Savage Swipe wipe away the enemy.
Patriots Rusher
The Patriots Rusher loves defending the New England Patriots from the hands of any enemy. He blasts away any attack with his Cannon Blast, and he’s ready to serve at the drop his hat.
Raiders Rusher
If the fearsome look on his face isn’t enough to scare off an intruder, the retractable Super Spikes of the Raiders Rusher should do it. He is fierce, steady, and tough, just like his team, the Raiders.
Rams Rusher
Strong by nature, the Rams Rusher is tenacious in battle and never gives up. The Rams Rusher won't hesitate to dash into the fight using his ferocious Ram Blast laser blasts to lock horns with the enemy.
Ravens Rusher
With an impressive wingspan and a keen eye, the Ravens Rusher, using his highflying Super Soar and laser beam eyes is a hero day or night. This fierce black bird leads the charge against any villain.
Redskins Rusher
The Redskins Rusher defends not only the Washington Redskins but their Megacore, too! Do not let that scarf fool you; he is one tough customer who will capture his foes with his Capital Crush super strong hold.
Saints Rusher
The Saints Rusher is so cool that he has to wear shades all the time, but don’t be fooled. He'll Big Easy Slam any rogue who gets in his way in order to protect the New Orleans Saints.
Seahawks Rusher
The Seahawks Rusher keeps the Seahawks and their fans safe. With his roaring home field Hawks Squawk that overwhelms and deafens any villain, he’s an expert at dive-bombing enemies from above. The Seahawks Rusher is a dangerous and airborne protector of his team.
Steelers Rusher
If you can't take the heat, stay out of the forge! The Steelers Rusher is tough, and his Steel Grip can crush any opponent. Handy with his arc welding power, and ready to take the heat with his welding mask, he'll test anyone’s mettle that threatens Steel City, USA.
Texans Rusher
Take one look at the Texans Rusher, and you will know not to mess with this Texan or you’ll get the horns. He is rough and tumble and ready to defend with his Bull Horn raging bull power and super horn blasts.
Titans Rusher
The Titans Rusher protects Tennessee with his mighty shield. Its Power Punch can block or knock back opponents with a lethal punch.
Vikings Rusher
From the halls of Valhalla to the turf of the gridiron, the Vikings Rusher is a tough opponent in battle. His Viking Hammer makes a mighty weapon. He’s strong, brave and fearless, so it's best to stay on the right side of his hammer.