Sudden Death
A ruthless alien cyborg, he came to earth looking to retrieve the shards of the Core but was defeated by Ish in Season One. He has spent the last few years rebuilding himself into an ugly, powerful, ruthless evil despot. From his lair in the caverns underneath Canton, he’s been plotting his revenge on Ish, the NFL, and the world.
Obsequious, conniving and ruthless Anticorian. Uses telekinesis to levitate objects with his Antigravity power. Angkoro wants to be Sudden Death’s number two, but is neither as strong nor as smart as his two colleagues, much to his dismay.
Sleek, ninja-like Anticorian female. Smart, savvy, and athletic, she possesses the ability to conjure the power of wind to battle her enemy.
Large, brutish, strong, smart. Zich is both the technical brains and brawn behind the Anticorians. He speaks only in grunts but the Anticorians have no problem understanding him. His size is imposing.
Wild Card
Warren C, Zimmer, aka Wild Card, was a tall and lanky Caucasian kid. Tragically, Warren was badly injured in the same explosion that killed his father, leaving him both physically and mentally scarred forever. He has sworn a vow of vengeance upon his father, the NFL, and the world. To enact his evil plans, he has taken on the persona of Wild Card.
Drop Kick
A service Robot (“Bot”) created by Dr. Richard Zimmer. He had four basic traits: (1) he had emotions; (2) he could fix/build/create/engineer almost anything; (3) he was programmed only to be of service; (4) he CANNOT betray his programming to serve and care for Zimmer’s son, Warren.
Blitz Botz
Evil robots that Drop Kick and Wild Card made from the remnants of Sudden Death’s robots. There are about twenty different kinds of Blitz Botz.
Blitz Borgs
Evil alien cyborgs from Anticoria used in Season Three. They are stored in small capsules and grow incredibly large. There are about a dozen Blitz Borgs, including the Soldier Blitz Borg, the Ice Ripper Blitz Borg, the Spy Blitz Borg and the Compactor Blitz Borg.