NFL Gatorade® Sideline Specialist Sweepstakes  


NFLRUSH spoke with ANTHONY C., from Westbrook, CT, the WINNER of the NFL Gatorade® Sideline Celebration Specialist sweepstakes! Anthony got to be on the sidelines, in Atlanta, on August 31 during pregame, prior to the Falcons-Ravens preseason game. Anthony assisted the Falcon's Gatorade® Hydration Specialist and was extremely close to real NFL action! Here's what Anthony (and his Dad, who went with him to Atlanta) had to say about this amazing NFL experience:

Anthony C.
I play wide receiver and defensive end for the Rams
NFLRUSH: Anthony, how was your overall experience as the NFL Gatorade® Sideline Specialist Assistant?
ANTHONY: It was great!

NFLRUSH: How did you find out about the contest?
ANTHONY: My dad signed me up.
ANTHONY'S DAD: I was actually signing Anthony and his sister up for (NFLRUSH'S) 'Take a Player to School' contest, when I saw something about the Gatorade® Sideline contest. So, I signed Anthony up for that too. I'm glad I did -- it worked out really well!

NFLRUSH: Anthony, how did you feel when you got the call and were told you won the contest?
ANTHONY: I was excited and I felt really lucky. The same day that we found out we won we got a pet hamster, so we named him Lucky!

NFLRUSH: So, what did you do when you arrived at the airport in Atlanta? Tell us all about it!
ANTHONY: We got off the plane and found the Driver holding a sign with my name on it. There was a limo waiting for me and I was really excited! It was my first time in a limo. And there was another limo for us Saturday night to take us to the game!

Here I am with Chad. He was really cool!
NFLRUSH: So, tell us what happened when you first got to the stadium, Anthony.
ANTHONY: We met Chad Cook, the Falcons trainer. He was really nice. He showed me the gallons of Gatorade® that was there for the players.

NFLRUSH: How many gallons of Gatorade® did Chad have there?
ANTHONY: 16! Chad also showed us the locker room, but we didn't go in.

NFLRUSH: Was it exciting to go on the field?
ANTHONY: Really exciting. The field and stadium were big!

NFLRUSH: Have you ever been on the field with pro players?
ANTHONY: Yes. We have season tickets for the New England Patriots and were invited onto the field during pregame once.

NFLRUSH: So, how old were you when you went to your first pro football game?
ANTHONY: I was 3 years old.

NFLRUSH: But, I bet being on the field in Atlanta was different.
ANTHONY: This was my first time in a domed stadium.

Joey Harrington
I got to meet the Falcons quarterback, Joey Harrington!
NFLRUSH: Did you meet any players before the game, Anthony?
ANTHONY: I met Joey Harrington (the Falcons quarterback). He was nice. We talked a little bit.

Lawyer Milloy
Lawyer Milloy is my favorite because he used to play for the Patriots!
NFLRUSH: Did you meet anyone else?
ANTHONY: I also met Lawyer Milloy (the Falcons safety). That was great. He gave me his gloves.

Look how big Lawyer Milloy's gloves are!
NFLRUSH: Wow, really? He just took his gloves off and gave them to you?
ANTHONY: Yup. He just took them off when I was standing there. They don't fit me though. He asked if I wanted anything else, but I said no.

NFLRUSH: Who's your favorite Falcons player?
ANTHONY: Lawyer Milloy. Probably because he used to be on the Patriots and they're my favorite team.

NFLRUSH: Which sidelines were you on during the game?
ANTHONY: I was on the Falcons sideline.

We got to meet everyone - even the cheerleaders!
NFLRUSH: So, Dad, what did you think of the Atlanta experience?
ANTHONY'S DAD: I thought the dome was really cool and so was the Gatorade® suite where we watched the game.

NFLRUSH: Anthony, was this your first time in a suite to watch a game?
ANTHONY: Yes, and it was fun. The drinks were great. I had LOTS of Gatorade®! And the food was good - I had a big hot dog and ice cream sundae.

NFLRUSH: We hear that you're a football player, Anthony. What's the name of the local team that you play for?
ANTHONY: The Rams is the name of the team. I play wide receiver and defensive end. In our first game, I ran a punt back 50 yards for a touchdown!

NFLRUSH: Excellent! Way to go! So, as a football fan, who do you think is going to win the Super Bowl this season?
ANTHONY: I can't say ... I don't want to jinx it.

I love my gift bag, THANKS NFL!

Anthony not only got to go to the game in Atlanta and help out on the sidelines, but he also got a cool team gift bag to take home! Anthony and his Dad also got to take a lot of pictures while they were down on the field. Pretty sweet, huh? Congrats again, Anthony!