Week 5

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Each week, while two teams compete on the field during NFL Network's Thursday Night Football matchup, two deserving youth health and fitness projects from the corresponding cities will face off here in the NFL PLAY 60 DonorsChoose.org Showdown.


Based on fan votes, NFL PLAY 60 will fully fund the winning project, while the other project will get 50% funding towards its goal. Vote now!


We'll Have A Ball Learning!
City:  Buffalo New York
School:  South Buffalo Charter School
Teacher:  Mrs. Britzzalaro's 

My students need:

My students are at-risk first graders who attend a Charter School. Like most 5 to 7 year old children, they require lots of movement, yet concentration is vital to their learning. I am requesting 7 stability balls which will engage my students and aid in increasing their spinal column and blood circulation, while strengthening their core muscles. As a teacher, I feel responsible to ensure the best environment and tools necessary to ensure excellence of learning in my classroom.


Going for Gold in Winter Olympics
City: Cleveland, OH
School Charles Dickens At Corlett 
Teacher Ms. Tucholski

My students need:

Who hasn't wished they were an Olympic athlete, standing on the gold medal stand and hearing our National Anthem being played as a medal is draped over their head. Well, that is what I want my students to experience in our school wide Winter Olympics. To that end, I am requesting various materials to allow us to have a school-wide Winter Olympics to coincide with the 2014 Winter Olympics in Russia. With your help, my students will get that gold medal experience.


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