Week 4

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Each week, while two teams compete on the field during NFL Network's Thursday Night Football matchup, two deserving youth health and fitness projects from the corresponding cities will face off here in the NFL PLAY 60 DonorsChoose.org Showdown.


Based on fan votes, NFL PLAY 60 will fully fund the winning project, while the other project will get 50% funding towards its goal. Vote now!


How Fit Am I?
City:  E Palo Alto, CA
School:  Ronald McNair Academy 
Teacher:  Mr. Camilleri 

My students need:

My students need a safe environment for physical education. With your help, my students will be able to help connect physical education to staying healthy through these physical fitness monitors. Having students inspired in physical education is great, but connecting students to fitness and health is a lifelong achievement.


We Want to Have a Ball!
City: Saint Louis, MO
School Shaw Visual & Perform Arts School
Teacher Mrs. Gorecki

My students need:

My students are Pre-K through 5th grade from across the metro St. Louis area. They represent diverse ethnic and socioeconomic groups in a choice urban school. The student population is 95% free and reduced lunch. My students are constantly asking to play with a ball for recess but can never get to the equipment since it is in the back of the closet. By having a tool to organize the closet, the students will be able to locate the equipment they want to play with immediately.


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