ESPN’s Monday Night Football

Each week, while two teams compete on the field during ESPN’s Monday Night Football matchup, two deserving youth health and fitness projects from the corresponding cities will face off here in the NFL PLAY 60 Showdown.

Based on fan votes, NFL PLAY 60 will fully fund the winning project, while the other project will get 50% funding towards its goal. Vote now!

Help Us Get Moving in Class and Recess! Motivate, Educate, Move!
City:Indianapolis, IN
School:William A Bell Elementary School
Teacher:Mrs. Allen
City:Queens, NY
School:MS 137 America's School of Heroes
Teacher:Mrs. Avagnano
My students are diverse and love being able to explore in multiple ways. That is why I am requesting movement manipulatives, balls, and other PE equipment so my students can learn the importance of physical activity, living a healthy life, and what it means to be skillful. Have you ever felt the feeling of that winning shot going in the goal? In order to help our children's health, we need to get them excited about exercise and nutrition! My students live in a high poverty area where school budgets have been cut drastically, which means that I have over-sized PE classes. I am requesting new sport equipment to keep my students moving and interested in sports.
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