Week 2

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Each week, while two teams compete on the field during NFL Network's Thursday Night Football matchup, two deserving youth health and fitness projects from the corresponding cities will face off here in the NFL PLAY 60 DonorsChoose.org Showdown.


Based on fan votes, NFL PLAY 60 will fully fund the winning project, while the other project will get 50% funding towards its goal. 



Spark Up Physical Education Class
City:  New York, NY
School:  Ps 250 George Lindsay
Teacher:  Mrs. Carboni-Ruiz

My students need:

My students live in the city and are used to being indoors without many opportunities to get exercise. This is why their Physical Education class is their only opportunity to exercise. I am requesting access to SPARK PE, which is one of the best physical education programs in the world. This program will provide curriculum and materials that has proven to increase students’ academic achievement and physical activity.


First in the Great Outdoors
City:  Lowell, MA
School Lowell High School
Teacher Mrs. Bauer

My students need:

Most of my inner-city students have never been out in nature. They don't own hiking boots, and they don't hike up mountains. I volunteer my time to take our students camping and hiking and this project will help us stay safe. We need radios to allow adult leaders to stay in contact even when separated on a large mountain; first aid kits to attend to injuries, thermal blanket and hand warmers for inclement weather, and water filtration to stay hydrated during long, hot hikes. By supporting this project, you will help my students safely explore nature's classroom.


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