Check out the top ten plays from Jacksonville Jaguars defensive end Calais Campbell in the 2017 NFL season!

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"I thank the greatest fans in the world #ChiefsKingdom for 12 incredible years. I also want to thank the Chiefs organization for believing in me from the beginning. All the support during my career in Kansas City has been overwhelming and KC will always be special to me." ~Tamba Hali

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Would Richard Sherman Be Beter At?

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Watch the NFL network play matchmaker for NFL teams and the draft's top quarterback prospects!

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Poll: Which QB Will Fair the Best?
A lot of familiar faces are headed to new places!

Which QB on a new team will have the most success?

A) Kirk Cousins on the Vikings

B) Tyrod Taylor on the Browns

C) Sam Bradford on the Cardinals

D) Case Keenum on the Broncos

E) Alex Smith on the Redskins

F) A.J. McCarron on the Bills
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Which QB on a new team will have the most success?

Check out the top ten plays from Minnesota Vikings safety Harrison Smith in the 2017 NFL season.

"A true leader on & off the field. Brent Celek is one of the greatest teammates I’ve ever played with. Selfless, talented, respected, hard-working, caring, and a true CHAMPION. Unbelievable teammate and happy to call you a great friend. Much love my brotha!" ~Carson Wentz

With a signing bonus on Sunday, it was made official! Beastmode will be playing for the Raiders in 2018!

Watch highlights from the Jacksonville Jaguars newest wide receiver Donte Moncrief's 2017 season with the Indianapolis Colts.

Golden Tate is twirling through this Tuesday like a proper NFL ballerina! 


Recent departures by Malcolm Butler, Danny Amendola and Jimmy Garoppolo headline the most notable players to leave the Patriots during Bill Belichick's tenure.
Safety Tyrann Mathieu signs one-year deal with Houston Texans.

"What an incredible 6 years here in Washington. My childhood dream of becoming an NFL quarterback came true in this amazing city, and I have been truly blessed!" ~ Kirk Cousins

Lions are signing RB LeGarrette Blount to a one-year deal!

Bye, Eagles. It was fun while it lasted.

Poll: Dream Vikings Team?
The Vikings are building up quite the line-up.

Will it get them to the Super Bowl next year?

A) Yes! With Kirk Cousins at the helm of the Viking ship, there will be RINGS TO WIN!

B) The Vikings always choke. They will get close but it won't happen.

C) Anything is possible. 
Watch WR Paul Richardson's highlights from the 2017 season with the Seattle Seahawks.

Next year he will play for the Washington Redskins! 

Good move?

Case Keenum had the first 10+ win season of his career last season at age 29.

 The last QB to post his first 10+ win season at age 29-or-older and repeat the feat the following season was Jake Plummer, for Keenum's new team, the Broncos! 

So sad. 

These Eagles are still celebrating their victory! 

In honor of St. Patrick's Day, they are doing an Irish Jig!

No player has averaged more receiving touchdowns per game since 2015 than Bengals TE Tyler Eifert (18 TD in 23 games, 0.78 per game)

Check out highlights of New York Jets defensive end Muhammad Wilkerson from the 2017 NFL season.

Muhammad is moving over to the Packers for next season!
Watch the 2017 highlight from Arizona Cardinals safety Tyrann Mathieu.

Where should this stellar free agent go next?

Here are some GREEN Bay Packer fans, wearing green for St. Patricks Day. 

And, also, that dude in the glasses dancing a jig! LOL!

Check out the top ten plays from New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees in the 2017 NFL season.

Brees resigned with the Saints for another two years!

Only 2 NFL players have 8-or-more receiving touchdowns in each of the last 3 seasons: 

Antonio Brown 

Michael Crabtree (released by Raiders)