Top 10 NFL Plays of November!

Check out the top 10 plays from the month of November. 

See how many plays from Ezekiel Elliott and the Cowboys make the list!
Sunday Afternoon Football
1:00 PM EST
40%Chiefs 40%
60%Falcons 60%

Would You Rather Go Snowboarding With Russell Wilson or Build a Snow Fort With OBJ??

The scenario... Your fairy RUSHmother is granting you one wish but you have to choose wisely!

Would you rather go snowboarding with Russell Wilson or build a snow fort with OBJ??

1. How cool would it be to build a snow fort? Even better is to get help from Odell Beckham! OBJ could probably build it with one hand!

2. Snowboarding with Russell Wilson? Wow, that would be such a cool experience! Snowboarding is so much fun, especially with such a fun quarterback!

Shout out which option you'd pick in the comments!!
72%   28%

Who's The Better Running Back?

Asked by rope123

Who Will You Choose for the 2017 Pro Bowl?!

Tell us which player you would choose for the 2017 Pro Bowl!

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Tyrod Taylor's Custom Cleats!

Check out the awesome cleats Bills QB Tyrod Taylor will be wearing in Week 13 for #MyCauseMyCleats!

NFL in the Blank

Cam Newton was spotted rocking these cleats before an NFL game.

If you could wear any type of cleats they would be _____________________!


Cowboys @ Vikings 48 comments
Panthers @ Seahawks 28 comments
49ers @ Bears 21 comments
Giants @ Steelers 19 comments
Browns @ Steelers 19 comments
Bills @ Raiders 13 comments

Guess the NFL Rookie!

Who will be the NFL RUSH Rookie of the Year?

Before you find out, let's make sure you know your NFL Rookie players!

Here are three clues:

1. I played college football at North Dakota State University.

2. I was the first QB selected by my team in the first round of an NFL draft since Donovan McNabb in 1999.

3. I was a 5-time NCAA FCS National Champion.

Cowboys Crumble Vikings Dreams of Victory!

The Dallas Cowboys defeated the Minnesota Vikings with a final score of 17-15 in Week 13!

Who Will Win TNF: Vikings or Cowboys?!

Get all of the facts on tonight's match up between the Cowboys and the Vikings!

Which team will win? Shout it out below!

OBJ Also Returns Punts!

Did you know that OBJ can return punts?! Check out Odell Beckham as he returns a punt against the Cleveland Browns in Week 12!

Top 3 Best Week 12 Game Calls from Around the World!

Check out the best foreign language calls from Week 12!

Which is your favorite?!

Adrian Peterson vs Ezekiel Elliott

Check out the stats between running backs Adrian Peterson and Ezekiel Elliott through the first 11 career games!

Will Zeke be better than AP by the end of the season?!

Best Images from Every Game in Week 12!

Check out the best images from Week 12!

Spot the Differences: Cowboys vs Vikings!

 Can you spot the 10 differences in these two photos?

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Derek Carr Drives the Raiders to Victory!

Oakland Raiders QB Derek Carr completed 26 of 38 passes for 315 yards and two touchdowns against the Carolina Panthers in Week 12!

How many touchdowns could Derek Carr score in one game?

Dolphins Stop Kaepernick on the Final Play of the Game!

Miami Dolphins defense comes big as they stop San Francisco 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick on the final play of the game!

Check Out the Top 3 Wide Receivers!

Check out the top 3 wide receivers with the most receiving yards!

Which WR is on your Fantasy team?

Awesome Facts for Thursday Night Football!

Find out all of the awesome numbers and stats leading up to the Week 13 Thursday Night Football match up!

Jameis Winston Goes All Out in Week 12!

Tampa Bay Buccaneers QB Jameis Winston faced off against the Seattle Seahawks in Week 12!

Bert's Week 13 Picks!

I can't believe I ate the whole thing! This past week was one big eating festival I’m going to stick to chew toys and frisbees for a while.

Speaking of eating, the Lions munched on the Vikings - as this super underdoggie predicted!

Week number 13 here we come!
NY Giants vs Pittsburgh Steelers. Look out baby, here come the GMEN! The Giants look hungry — I mean, they’ve got giant stomachs right? — and Eli likes eating on the road. Look out Steelers!

Miami Dolphins vs Baltimore Ravens. The Ravens are tough at home but I’m thinking the fishy mammals are going to eat the birds in this one. There are going to be feathers flying and a happy school of dolphins swimming home on Sunday.

San Francisco 49ers vs Chicago Bears. San Francisco 49ers vs Chicago Bears. Since my beloved Browns have the bye this week, I decided to go for the second most underdog of them all, the San Francisco 49ers. They're coming to Chicago to prospect for a second victory and they're going to get it! Hopefully they won't dig up the old bone I left in Chicago in 2013.
Make your picks, set your Fantasy lineup and get ready for a rip-snorting weekend of football!

Last week’s record: 1-2
Season record: 10-25

Taylor Gabriel Has a Need for Speed!

Check out the best plays from Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Taylor Gabriel in Week 12!

Mark Ingram Marches On With a Win!

New Orleans Saints running back Mark Ingram had a big game with 146 rushing yards and two TDs in the Saints victory over the Los Angeles Rams!

Two Truths Revealed!

The two truths about Trevor Siemian were:

B. I received a Super Bowl ring in my first NFL season.

C. I played college football at Northwestern.

And the trick was:

A. I was drafted in the first round of the 2015 NFL Draft.

Did we trick you? Let us know below!

Shady Shows Up with Big Plays in Week 12!

Check out the best plays from LeSean McCoy against the Jacksonville Jaguars in Week 12!

Tom Brady Gets 2 TDs and 0 INTs in Week 12!

New England Patriots QB Tom Brady completed 30 of 50 passes for 286 yards and two TDs without an INT!

Was Tom Brady on your Fantasy line up in Week 12?

Thursday Trivia Challenge

It's Thursday. Time for the trivia challenge! The question is...

How many years did it take the New Orleans Saints to win their first playoff game?