2017 Free Agents: Julius Peppers Highlights

Highlights from Green Bay Packers linebacker Julius Peppers during the 2016 regular season and playoffs.

Buccaneers' Biggest Need And Pick In NFL Draft

NFL Network's Bucky Brooks discusses the Tampa Bay Buccaneers biggest need and predicts a pick from the NFL draft to solve that.
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Franchise Player?

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Who is the best WR in the 2017 NFL Draft?

Poll: Who is the best WR in the 2017 NFL Draft?
NFL Combine starts THIS WEEK!

Who do you think is the best WR in the 2017 NFL Draft?

A) Corey Davis, Western Michigan

B) Mike Williams, Auburn

C) John Ross, Washington

D) Cooper Kupp, Eastern Washington

E) Zay Jones, Easy Carolina

F) Other ... tell us in comments!

Cast Your Vote!

Who had the best rookie class of 2016?

Which California Team Is in Best Shape for the Future?

The "Good Morning Football" crew debates which California team is in the best shape for the future: Chargers, 49ers or Rams.

Which team do you think will see the most sunshine?

What Team Is The Best Fit for DeSean Jackson?

The "Total Access" crew discuss which team would be the best landing spot for free agent wide receiver DeSean Jackson: The Eagles, Buccaneers or Redskins?

Pick one and tell us why.

Who had the best rookie class of 2016?

Poll: Who had the best rookie class of 2016?
2016 was a KILLER year for NFL rookies!

Be sure to watch the soon-to-be 2017 rookies starting today at the NFL Combine on NFL Network.

Who had the best rookie class of 2016?

A) Atlanta Falcons

B) San Diego Chargers

C) Chicago Bears

D) Kansas City Chiefs

E) Dallas Cowboys

F) Other ... tell us in comments

Falcons' Biggest Need And Pick In NFL Draft

NFL Network's Bucky Brooks discusses the Atlanta Falcons biggest need and predicts a pick from the NFL draft to solve that.

Casserly On Jabrill Peppers: 'This Guy Plays Everywhere'

Jabril Peppers ... oh boy. We can't wait to see him in the NFL.

Do you hope your team gets him?

NFL Network's Charley Casserly highlights which players he is watching out for in the 2017 Combine and reveals how general managers evaluate players at the combine.

Cooler Tony Dungy Accomplishment?

Poll: Cooler Tony Dungy accomplishment?
Cooler Tony Dungy accomplishment?

First African American head coach to win the Super Bowl.

NFL record eleven straight playoff appearances as a head coach. Come on ... eleven straight playoff appearances? That's ridiculous!

Don't make me choose ... both are incredibly special.

Which Second-year QB Is Most Exciting?

It's a simple question: which second year quarterback will be the most exciting in 2017?

Tell us in comments.

Notable Free Agent Running Backs

The "Good Morning Football" crew discusses the notable free agent running backs and where each could play in 2017.

Which RB do you want your team to get?

Vikings Explorers: Sharrif Floyd Goes to the Zoo

What do bears, African pancake tortoises, falcons, and Minnesota Vikings Sharrif Floyd have in common?

Watch and find out!

LeSean McCoy: Top 10 Plays Of 2016

Shady's still GOT IT!

Check out Buffalo Bills running back LeSean McCoy's top plays from the 2016 season.

Cooler Jerry Reese accomplishment?

Poll: Cooler Jerry Reese accomplishment?
Cooler Jerry Reese accomplishment?

First African American General Manager to win the Super Bowl.

Two Super Bowl victories: XLII and XLVI.

BOTH are amazing!

Patriots 2016 Year In Review

What. A. Magical. Season.

Casserly: Deshaun Watson Will Be This Year's Dak Prescott

Whoa ... Dak Prescott has one of the best rookie QB seasons EVER.

Do you think Deshaun Watson can match him???

Amari Cooper: Top 10 Plays Of 2016

Stud alert! Stud alert!

Check out Oakland Raiders wide receiver Amari Cooper's top plays from the 2016 season.

Tell me you are going to start Amari Cooper on your fantasy football team next season!

Brooks: Leonard Fournette May Have More Talent Than Zeke

Better than Zeke??? Come on!

NFL Network's Daniel Jeremiah, Bucky Brooks and Maurice Jones-Drew discuss what they see in LSU running back Leonard Fournette and which player he compares to in the NFL.

Cooler Emlen Tunnell fact?

Poll: Cooler Emlen Tunnell fact?
Cooler Emlen Tunnell fact?

Went from undrafted out of college to the Hall of Fame.

First African American elected to the Hall of Fame.

79 career interceptions. 79!!!

Come on ... all of those facts are pretty darned cool.

Jeremiah: Christian McCaffrey Would Be 'MJD 2.0' For Jaguars

The "NFL Total Access" crew discusses Stanford running back Christian McCaffrey's skillset and how he can be utilized in many different positions at the NFL level.

What do you think? Will Christian McCaffrey be "MJD 2.0"???

Where Will The Big-name QBs Land By Offseason's End?

NFL Media columnist Michael Silver joins Steve Wyche, Tiffany Blackmon and Jeffri Chadiha to discuss where some of the big name quarterbacks will land.

Do you want your team to get one of these QBs?

Schrager's Combine Ones to Watch

NFL Network's Peter Schrager highlights Alabama DT Jonathan Allen, Alabama TE O.J. Howard, and Miami QB Brad Kaaya as college players to watch for in the 2017 Combine.

Rapoport: James Harrison Plans To Return To Steelers

GREAT news! NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport reports Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker James Harrison plans to return to the team in 2017.

We love James Harrison. Do you?

Cooler Fritz Pollard fact?

Poll: Cooler Fritz Pollard fact?
Cooler Fritz Pollard fact?

First African American to coach in the NFL.

Along with Bobby Marshall, first African American player in the NFL.

BOTH are super cool!

What Is The Biggest Challenge Facing The L.A. Chargers?

The "LA" Chargers? Whoa ... that's going to take some getting used to.

The "Total Access" crew discuss the challenges facing the newly housed Los Angeles Chargers as they attempt to turn things around heading into 2017.

How do you think the Chargers will do in 2017?