Philadelphia Eagles QB Carson Wentz is having too much fun at camp! Caption this pic of him looking so happy and wearing his helmet like a goober! 

"I can only be excited about this season. I want to be the Best Undrafted Football Player that Ever laced em up" ~ New Orleans Saints wide receiver, Willie Snead IV

49ers wide receiver Jeremy Kerley talks about rebounding from 2016's sad 2-14 season and rebuilding with a new head coach. He says 2017 is all about redemption. 
Will they deliver on that promise?
Watch the assessment of Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck's career and why he hasn't expanded on the success he experienced in his rookie year.
What do you think? Will he turn it around this season, or did Luck's luck run out?

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How many sacks will Khalil Mack get this season?

Poll: Sack Attack, Mack!
Oakland Raiders QB Derek Carr predicted last year that Khalil Mack would get 30 sacks (it didn't happen) but Carr is standing by his forecast for this year. Currently, Michael Strahan of the New York Giants holds the record at 22.5 from back in 2001.  

So what do you think?  How many sacks will Mack get in 2017?

A) 11. Just like last year.

B) 15. He will maintain his personal record.

C) 23. He will beat the NFL record.

D) 30! Carr called it and it will come true!

"Beyond excited today!! Thank you to Mr. Richardson and the Panther family, I'll be a Panther for 4 more years!!!" ~Trai Turner, Guard, Carolina Panthers

A hot dog is break-dancing at the NFL. 

It was imperative we share this with you ASAP. 

Happy Monday!

Pittsburgh Steelers cornerback Artie Burns' hardwork might make him one of the NFL's top corners in 2017.
Who is your favorite corner in the league?
We're inching closer and closer to the 2017 season kickoff! While you wait for football to return, check out every walk-off touchdown scored in the last decade.

Who else CANNOT WAIT until the season starts?

Poll: Super Bowl Jaguars
Defensive Tackle Malik Jackson of the Jacksonville Jaguars talks a big game. But, will the Jaguars play in the biggest game of all? What do you think?

Will the Jaguars go to the Super Bowl?

A) TOTALLY! Not only will they go but they will WIN!

B) YES! They have the talent to make it to the biggest game!

C) No, not this year


"Y'all don't even know this feeling I got about this season right now! Nothing but greatness!" ~Kwon Alexander Linebacker Tampa Bay Buccaneers 

Denver Broncos Hall of Fame running back Terrell Davis returns to training camp for a visit with outside linebacker and rising star Shane Ray to discuss setting goals, pursuing dreams, and solidifying a legacy in the NFL.
We are feeling inspired. How about you?
Minnesota Vikings linebacker Eric Kendricks speaks about the loss of Adrian Peterson for the Vikings and his excitement level to play against his former teammate in Week 1 of 2017.
Epic match -up! 
Who will win, will it be Adrian's old team, or the new one? Vikings or Saints?
Hall of Fame quarterback Kurt Warner pays a visit to his old team and sits down with Arizona Cardinals running back David Johnson to discuss setting goals, pursuing dreams, and what it takes to become a Hall of Fame player.
Who wouldn't love some advice from Kurt Warner? What advice would you ask him for if you could? Tell us in the comments!
Would you rather? 
Watch the debate -- New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady or Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers in 2017? Stellar choices. Who would you rather have at the helm???
Pittsburgh Steelers Hall of Fame running back Jerome Bettis discusses his former teammate Ben Roethlisberger's growth since playing alongside him, and what he can accomplish moving forward. Bettis is expecting great things. 
Do you think Roethlisberger is going to deliver this season?
Cornerback and current free agent, Darrelle Revis turned 32 this week! In honor of his birthday, here is a reel of all 32 interceptions of his career!

Which team would be the right fit for Darrelle? 

Poll: How many TDs will Terrelle Pryor get this season?

Washington Redskins new wide receiver, Terrelle Pryor will be catching passes from Kirk Cousins this year. That is exciting stuff! This could be a big year for him! 

How many TDs will Terrelle Pryor get this season?

A) 5 or less (he only had 4 last season with the Browns.)

B) 10! He will finally hit his stride with the Redskins

C) 20 or more! His star is on the rise! Watch out!!! 
Ravens rookie cornerback Marlon Humphrey talks goals, dreams, and solidifying a legacy in the NFL.
How excited are you to see what Humphrey will accomplish?

"I've been called Kurt my entire life. I remember having different teachers and instructors who would call me Kurt. It doesn't matter. ... It's not a big deal." ~Kirk Cousins, QB Washington Redskins

Los Angeles Rams quarterback Jared Goff talks about working with a new head coach, how confident he is now with an NFL season under his belt, and what it's like playing golf against Charles Barkley. 
Hey, Jared! We're cool if you aren't any good with that tiny white ball, as long as you bring all the goods with the pigskin! 
Former Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo describes how New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers have the ability to play well into their 40s as long as they are willing to take the hits.
YES, PLEASE. Sounds good to us!

We are fighting off the summer time blues, waiting for the season to start! To help pass the time until kick-off, shoot us a caption for this Giphy where Zeke is looking SUPER BORED on the sidelines! LOL

Well, that's fun! 

San Diego Chargers running back Melvin Gordon gives praise and thanks to his mentor LaDainian Tomlinson on his recent induction into the Hall of Fame.
Congratulations! Well deserved!