Check out the top ten plays from Jacksonville Jaguars defensive end Calais Campbell in the 2017 NFL season!
Watch WR Paul Richardson's highlights from the 2017 season with the Seattle Seahawks.

Next year he will play for the Washington Redskins! 

Good move?

Case Keenum had the first 10+ win season of his career last season at age 29.

 The last QB to post his first 10+ win season at age 29-or-older and repeat the feat the following season was Jake Plummer, for Keenum's new team, the Broncos! 

So sad. 

These Eagles are still celebrating their victory! 

In honor of St. Patrick's Day, they are doing an Irish Jig!

wallacel just scored 1,560 points in NFLRZ Drop Zone!

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Will the Vikings make it to the Super Bowl next season?

No player has averaged more receiving touchdowns per game since 2015 than Bengals TE Tyler Eifert (18 TD in 23 games, 0.78 per game)

Check out highlights of New York Jets defensive end Muhammad Wilkerson from the 2017 NFL season.

Muhammad is moving over to the Packers for next season!
Watch the 2017 highlight from Arizona Cardinals safety Tyrann Mathieu.

Where should this stellar free agent go next?

Here are some GREEN Bay Packer fans, wearing green for St. Patricks Day. 

And, also, that dude in the glasses dancing a jig! LOL!

Check out the top ten plays from New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees in the 2017 NFL season.

Brees resigned with the Saints for another two years!

Only 2 NFL players have 8-or-more receiving touchdowns in each of the last 3 seasons: 

Antonio Brown 

Michael Crabtree (released by Raiders)

Watch the discussion: The Oakland Raiders release of wide receiver Michael Crabtree and what that means for the future of the team's offense.
Joe Thomas' career with the Browns was an epic run that influenced many players within the NFL world, even stretching to LeBron James. Get the full story of his career here!
Check out wide receiver Jordy Nelson's best plays with the Green Bay Packers.

Jordy is moving to the Raiders for next season!
Poll: Patriots say Bye to Danny Amendola!
Danny Amendola is expected to sign with the Miami Dolphins.

How much will the Patriots regret letting him go?

A) OH, SO MUCH! He was the backbone of that offense.

B) They won't. Brady has plenty of options.

C) Only time will tell if they regret it and how much.
Watch the 2017 highlight from Cleveland Browns quarterback DeShone Kizer.

Throwback Thursday: Remember when the Eagles won the Super Bowl?

Yep. That happened. 

No player made more Pro Bowls than Joe Thomas (10) over the course of his 11-season career (2007-2017)

Watch Danny Amendola's highlights from his 2017 season with the New England Patriots.

Awwww, Aaron is going to miss his bestie, Jordy.

Watch Minnesota Vikings quarterback Case Keenum's top throws from the 2017 season.

Awwww, you guys. We are getting a little misty-eyed.

Check out some of the best sacks and fumbles forced from Denver Broncos linebacker Von Miller during the 2017 NFL season.

Kirk Cousins likely to sign three-year, fully-guaranteed deal with the Vikings

The name KIRK kind-of has a Viking ring to it... And maybe Kirk is the secret ingredient to give the Vikings a Super Bowl RING!

Kirk Cousins will become the first quarterback in NFL history to change teams after posting 4,000+ passing yards in each of the 3 previous seasons.