How Does 'Hard Knocks' Capture All of Its Footage?

"Hard Knocks" is one of our favorite shows! It's amazing how they are able to show us the behind-the-scenes of NFL teams.

Watch as director Matt Dissinger explains how they make it happen.

Malcolm Butler 2016 Season Highlights

New England Patriots cornerback Malcolm Butler is strong, fast and covers wide receivers like a wet blanket.

Watch as Malcolm helps the Patriots clinch yet another Super Bowl victory in 2016.
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Who Is Patrick Mahomes?

Even by the high-octane offensive standards of Texas Tech, Patrick Mahomes has been a unique quarterback. As the 2016 Sammy Baugh winner and second-team All Big-12 selection looks to earn his shot at the next level, he can thank another sport for helping.

What do you think? Will Mahomes be a great NFL QB?

Cast Your Vote!

Is David Njoku the best tight end in the draft?

September 24, 1972: Jets vs. Colts Highlights

On September 24th, 1972 the New York Jets and the Baltimore Colts (wait a sec ... Baltimore Colts???) played a doozie ... check it out!

Tell us the starting QB from each team!

'He's Like a Bentley with a Ferrari Engine'

Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Jameis Winston, tell us what you really think about new teammate wide receiver DeSean Jackson.

Kawann Short Is a Baaaaad Man!

Carolina Panthers defensive tackle Kawann Short was a force to be reckoned with for opposing offenses during the 2016 NFL Season.

Will Kawann be even better in 2017?

Derek Carr: 'Anybody Would Want Marshawn Lynch'

BEAST MODE is a QB's best friend. Just ask Oakland Raiders quarterback Derek Carr.

What do you think? Will Marshawn Lynch play for the Raiders this season???

What Are the Texans Doing at Quarterback?

The Houston Texans are a strong football team but many think they need to get a new QB in the draft.

What do you think the Texans should do at QB?


Happy birthday Troy Polamalu!

There's little doubt that Troy had the greatest NFL hair ever ... but was he the greatest NFL safety ever?

A) Yes. Fast, strong, hard ... and the hair!

B) No. The greatest NFL safety ever was ___________________. (tell us in comments)

The 2017 NFL Draft starts in one week! Watch at 8pm ET on Thursday, April 27 on NFL Network and ESPN.

How Good of a Draft Pick was Marcus Mariota?

Poll: How Good of a Draft Pick was Marcus Mariota?
Eight more days 'till the draft!

And speaking of number 8, tell us: how good of a draft pick was Marcus Mariota?

A) Super good. He'll be an NFL star at QB for years to come.

B) Pretty good but not great ... yet.

Kid Reporter Justin Predicts the Draft: Part III of III

Kid Reporter Justin knows all ... and he tells all.
Kid Reporter Justin knows all ... and he tells all.

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Marshawn Lynch Career Highlights

Wow do we have a treat for you! Sit back, relax, and enjoy Marshawn Lynch's career highlights.

Will Marshon Lattimore become an All-Pro cornerback?

Poll: Will Marshon Lattimore become an All-Pro cornerback?
Marshon Lattimore is bog, fast, and covers wide receivers like a wet blanket.

But this is the NFL. It's a whole new ball game. The best of the best of the best.

Will Marshon Lattimore become an All-Pro cornerback?

How unstoppable would DeShaun Watson-to-DeAndre Hopkins be?

Poll: How unstoppable would DeShaun Watson-to-DeAndre Hopkins be?
How unstoppable would DeShaun Watson-to-DeAndre Hopkins be?

A) Totally unstoppable.

B) Let's see the rookie play first before we go all ga-ga on him.

Kid Reporter Justin Predicts the Draft: Part II of III

Yesterday we saw Kid Reporter Justin's predictions for picks 32 to 21 of the 2017 NFL Draft.

Today are his bold thoughts on picks 20 to 11.

Come back tomorrow for picks 10 to 1!

Do you agree with Justin? Let us know in comments.

Kid Reporter Justin predicts the draft:

20. Broncos - Forrest Lamp

19. Buccaneers - Derek Barnett

18. Titans - John Ross

17. Redskins - Jabrill Peppers

16. Ravens - Corey Davis

15. Colts - Ryan Ramcyzk

14. Eagles - Christian McCaffrey

13. Cardinals - Mitchell Trubisky

12. Browns - Haason Reddick

11. Saints - O.J. Howard

Dak or Wentz: Who Will Have Better Sophomore Season?

It's rare for a rookie QB to have a great season but last year we had two!

Tell us: which breakout rookie quarterback from last season will have a stronger showing in their sophomore year?




I Met Cris Carter Bowling ... For Real!

When a Hall of Fame wide receiver has a bowling event open to the public, you have to go. Cris Carter, a 2013 inductee into Canton, was celebrating the opening of a new local bowling alley. My father said he would take me, he being a Vikings fan his whole life.

Once we arrived, Cris Carter wasn’t in eyesight. When Cris’ frame finally arose from the private room after doing an interview with a local news channel, the crowd went wild. I really felt a part of the generations of Minnesota fans during that moment.

Then came the moment. It was my turn in the chaotic line to be right in front of Cris Carter. Carter signed a football for me, and we had a brief conversation, but after all there were about 50 people waiting behind me to meet him, one being my dad. I watched as my dad talked to Carter. We both left in awe.

Will Todd Gurley be on your NFL RUSH fantasy football team this year?

Poll: Will Todd Gurley be on your NFL RUSH fantasy football team this year?
Only 10 more days until the NFL draft!

Which makes us think of the 10th pick in the 2015 NFL Draft, Rams star RB Todd Gurley. Hi Todd!

Will Todd Gurley be on your NFL RUSH fantasy football team this year?

A) Yes! Dude is strong as an ox and runs like the wind.

B) No, I'm picking ________________. (tell us in comments)

What Hurdles Are Left for Beast Mode to Raiders?

Here's the latest on running back Marshawn Lynch's return to the NFL, including the next steps required for the Oakland native to complete his comeback.

Kid Reporter Justin Predicts the Draft: Part I of III

Hello guys! Today I figured I would share my first round mock draft predictions with you as of right now.

Part I of III -- picks 32 to 21 -- are below. Stay tuned for picks 20 to11 and 10 to 1 later this week.

Let me know what you think by commenting down below!

Kid Reporter Justin's 2017 NFL Draft Predictions:

32. Saints - Tre'Davious White

31. Falcons - Caleb Brantley

30. Steelers - Jarrad Davis

29. Packers - Gareon Conley

28. Cowboys - Sidney Jones

27. Chiefs - Malik McDowell

26. Seahawks - Garrett Bolles

25. Texans - Deshaun Watson

24. Raiders - Marlon Humphrey

23. Giants - Zach Cunningham

22. Dolphins - Cam Robinson

21. Lions -Takkarist McKinley

Is Deshaun Watson as Good as the Hype?

Poll: Is Deshaun Watson as good as the hype?
Is Deshaun Watson as good as the hype?

A) Yes. Did you see the college championship game?

B) No. He'll be good but the hype is too big.

Want an NFL Player to Come to Your School???

How cool would it be for an NFL player to come to your school?

Get your school to become part of the Fuel Up to Play 60 team and it just might happen.

Fuel Up to Play 60 is a free school wellness program and it's really fun for students, with opportunities to earn points, rewards like NFL prizes and even chances to have NFL players visit your school!

So the next chance you get, show the above video to your teacher and encourage them to join Fuel Up to Play 60 here.

Plus - schools with teachers joining now will receive a Back to School poster this fall!*

Let's see: Fun? Check. Learn how to be healthy and strong? Check. Get a chance at having an NFL player come to your school? CHECK.

What are you waiting for? Show this to your favorite teacher now.

*Through June 1, 2017; while supplies last; one poster per school.

11 Days 'Till the Draft!

Poll: How Cool Is JJ Watt?
JJ Watt was the 11th pick in the 2011 draft, which is pretty cool.

But just how cool is J.J. Watt?

A) Totally cool.

B) Super cool.

C) Texans cool.

D) ______________ (tell us in comments)

What If ... AP Goes to the Buccaneers?

Hi guys! What is my bold prediction? It is that if Adrian Peterson goes to the Buccaneers, he will surpass 1800 yards this upcoming season.

He probably feels as if he has something to prove. We remember what happened last time he had a chip on his shoulder. He rushed for over two thousand rushing yards! He almost broke Eric Dickerson's single season rushing record! So we know that if he is determined, he can do anything. Well...I am not sure if he can top two thousand rushing yards again, but why not make an early bold prediction that he will rush for over eighteen hundred yards this season. Dirk Koetter seems to like what he sees in Adrian Peterson. Doug Martin was dominant in Tampa Bay, so I think Adrian Peterson can be too. 

Is my prediction crazy or do you agree with it? Let me know by commenting down below. See you next article!