Andrew Luck Scores 4 Touchdowns in Week 13!

Indianapolis Colts QB Andrew Luck completed 22 of 28 passes for 278 yards and four TDs against the New York Jets!
Thursday Night Football
8:25 PM EST
64%Raiders 64%
36%Chiefs 36%

Petty Launches a Deep Ball to Anderson for a 40-yard TD!

New York Jets QB Bryce Petty connects with wide receiver Robby Anderson for the 40-yard TD!
28%   72%

Best Logo Battle (Round 2)?

Asked by mware15

Two Truths and a Trick Play!

Below are 3 statements about LeGarrette Blount. Two are the truth and one is a trick.

Can you determine which are real and which one is fake? Good luck!

A. When I played college football, my team mascot was a duck.

B. I've only played for one NFL team in my career.

C. I'm a Super Bowl Champion.

Check back Thursday at 2pm EST to see if your guess is correct!

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Tom Brady Breaks Another Record!

Check out the trophy case to see the newest career record that QB Tom Brady has broken!

Top Plays of Week 13!

Check out the best plays from Dez Bryant, Dak Prescott, LeGarette Blount, Randall Cobb, and Eric Berry in Week 13 !

Which play was the most impressive?!


Panthers @ Seahawks 43 comments
Giants @ Steelers 31 comments
Chiefs @ Falcons 30 comments
Colts @ Jets 24 comments
Bills @ Raiders 21 comments
Browns @ Steelers 20 comments

Caption This!

Is this Packers fan holding up the whole stadium?!

To Caption This:
Post your best suggestions in the comments. We'll pick the top 3 and then all of NFL RUSH will choose the winner, who wins 5,000 MVP points!

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"Marshawn told me to hold these..."-Mmlazer

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Colts Stop Jets From Flying High!

The Indianapolis Colts defeated the New York Jets in Week 13 with a final score of 41-10! 

Who Will Win MNF: Colts or Jets?!

Get the details on the Week 13 match up between Indianapolis Colts and the New York Jets!

Who will win: Jets or Colts?!

Can't-Miss Play: Bryant Pulls In a 56-yard Catch By the Fingertips!

Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant pulls in the 56-yard catch with his fingertips on a pass from QB Dak Prescott.

Are the Cowboys unstoppable this season?!

What a Game for Eric Berry!

Chiefs safety Eric Berry had an incredible game against the Falcons with one pick-six, one 2-point conversion... and he even gave the game ball to his mom in the stands!

Cowboys Make the Playoffs!

The Dallas Cowboys are the first NFL team to lock in a playoff spot!

Will they make it all the way to the Super Bowl? Share your predictions below!

Best Radio Calls: Chiefs With a Game-winning Pick-Two Over the Falcons!

The Atlanta Falcons take the lead for only a moment as Chiefs DB Eric Berry makes a play on the 2 point attempt to regain the lead for his team!

Big Ben and AB Have the TD Connection!

Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger passed for 289 yards and two TDs!

One touchdown was a 22-yard pass to Antonio Brown, making it the 49th TD pass that Big Ben and AB have connected on!

Are Antonio Brown and Ben Roethlisberger the best duo in the NFL?

Check Out the Top 5 Runs from Week 13- #2 Is Incredible!

Check out the 54-yard rush by LeSean McCoy, the 45-yard TD by Thomas Rawls, and the 45-yard TD against the Rams by LeGarrette Blount!

Alex Smith Throws Deep to Travis Kelce for a 35-yard Gain!

Kansas City Chiefs QB Alex Smith finds tight end Travis Kelce down the sideline for 35 yards!

Did you pick the Chiefs to win?

The Winning Streak Continues!

The Patriots clinched their 14th consecutive season with at least 10 wins making it the second-longest streak in NFL history!

Which team currently holds the record for the most?!

Jones Pulls In a Diving Catch Near Sideline for 20 Yards!

Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Julio Jones pulls in a diving catch near the sideline for 20 yards on a pass from QB Matt Ryan!

Is Julio Jones on your Fantasy team?

Let's Go Primetime: Top 5 of Week 13!

Deion Sanders delivers the top five performances from an action-packed Week 13!

Do you agree or disagree with his picks this week?!

Thomas Rawls Scores 2 TDs!

Thomas Rawls had an awesome game with 16 touches, 118 yards, and two touchdowns!

Tyler Lockett Goes for a 75-yard TD to Start the Second Half!

Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Tyler Lockett goes for a 75-yard touchdown to start off the second half!

Bradley Roby Intercepts Blake Bortles for the Pick-six!

Denver Broncos cornerback Bradley Roby intercepts Jacksonville Jaguars QB Blake Bortles for a pick-six!

How do you rate the Broncos defense this season?!

The Nickname Game!

Can you guess the real nickname of this team's defense?
A. Defense Town
B. Sack City
C. D Wall
See the Answer

Top Fantasy Performers for Week 13!

See which players made the biggest impacts on your Fantasy team!

Which player gave you the most points in Week 13?!

Top 5 Catches from Week 13- #3 Is Amazing!

Check out the 16-yard TD catch by LeSean McCoy, the 20-yard catch by Julio Jones against the Chiefs, and the INT by Lardarius Webb!

Which was your favorite catch?!

Extreme Close Up: Can You Guess?!

Here's a challenge for you... we can tell you that it's related to football but can you guess what this actually is?

Remember: the more specific, the better. Good luck!